Facebook PixelHow do we restore social gatherings after distancing became the norm?
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How do we restore social gatherings after distancing became the norm?

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Nitish Oct 29, 2020
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Our world has changed, perhaps forever. However, we can not blame only the pandemic for the de fabrication of society. It is evident from certain social experiments that, with technological advancements, we humans have become more self-centered. And this pandemic has further enhanced our unsocialized cultures as well as imposed a huge blow to our ancient rituals and ceremonies involving the participation of the populace.

We don't know how long social distancing will be necessary and how accustomed we will grow to it. When we bring the pandemic under control, will we be able to restore our normal ways?
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Dose your meetings rationally - but let them happen

Anja M
Anja M Feb 02, 2021
I think it is even better to respond to such questions now, after a whole year of a pandemic, and both officially into a new year and with a world already distributing vaccines.
Psychological effects of the pandemic have been different for each individual, but have more or less confined us all in a way. I noticed those who have been going out quite scarcely in general, but are surrounded with daily news have become a tough nut to crack regarding their fear and even further self-confinement. However, starting from daily shopping for groceries, taking a walk, meeting your immediate family, etc. in time it really becomes possible to take a rationally calculated risk and decide to meet with a friend or two, whose general behaviour and cautionary habits you know and can trust. Trust goes both ways, first of all expecting that somebody would tell you to if he/she has any symptoms resembling covid-19, and vice versa. Then maybe you can feel bold enough to have a coffee in an open-caffee, take a stroll through a park without a mask, etc. Eventually, hosting ~5 people who are to be trusted enough, based on the factors I previously mentioned is another thing that will definitely positively influence mental relaxation, if not completely restore life to the previous normal. That normal will eventually return, but it always goes hand in hand with this application of a "new normal", and that one cannot go without caution.
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Nitish3 years ago
I completely agree with you, sir; everything will be normal soon, but it will be newer and changed.
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Darko Savic
Darko Savic4 years ago
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