Facebook PixelIdea execution strategy that involves 3 critical partners and secures problem-solving, passion, marketing and funding right from the start
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Idea execution strategy that involves 3 critical partners and secures problem-solving, passion, marketing and funding right from the start

Image credit: Himanshu Nitnaware

Darko Savic
Darko Savic Jun 30, 2022
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Idea execution strategy where the ideator partners with a Youtuber field expert. They build the prototype as a series of videos and attract an investor and future customers based on the progress they are demonstrating.
I imagine people have done this by chance without realizing it could be a generally applicable execution strategy. So I'm posting it as an idea.
Converting an idea into reality in a way that is more likely to succeed since several critical components are secured from the get-go: an original idea, passion, social leverage, and funding.
How it works
An ideator comes up with a great idea that meets the following criteria:
  1. The idea solves a problem that people find so important/annoying they will gladly pay for the ideator's specific solution.
  2. The ideator feels passionate about making it happen and is ready to sink a few years of hard work into it. The ideator needs to bring enough passion to power the entire team they would be assembling.
If the above is true, proceed to ...
The ideator then needs to make the idea feasible. The first step is to study and learn everything there is to know about the topic. In the process, discover people who are also passionate, but more so visible/known in the field. Some of these would become the ideator's project partners.
Having done research, the ideator produces:
  1. A general idea overview
  2. A deailed research log with refereces to all the interesting findings
  3. A plan that includes the vision and concrete steps to get there
With this ready, the ideator finds the first partner - a rising star Youtuber whose audience are ideal customers for the solution this idea would be producing. Having a successful Youtube channel with enough followers, the project can get by without a marketing department.
Youtuber field expert
Youtuber experts are invaluable partners because they have already demonstrated their:
  • passion for the field of interest
  • the ability to endure hard work for long periods of time (produce videos on a regular basis), all the while studying and practicing in the field of interest
  • number of followers - which means audience for whatever project they take on next
The ideator and the Youtuber produce a video where they talk about:
  • the project's vision and the idea in general
  • how they plan to make it happen, the steps to exection
  • how they plan to build it in public as a series via the Youtuber's channel
  • and as many other details as they feel comfortable sharing
The youtuber shares the video as unlisted - meaning that only people who get the link can see it. It can't otherwise be found. This makes it easy to share among investors. The video starts with "This video is unlisted, please don't share it. If you're seeing it you must have gotten it from ..."
Armed with the video link and the Youtuber's charisma, number of subscribers, and view counts on other videos, the ideator goes to find the 3rd partner ...
Angel investor
An angel investor who is interested in the field or is likely facing the problem that the idea solves.
The project proceeds only when the ideator has managed to accomplish all of the above. The trio can agree to produce a pilot/prototype and gauge the initial success.
Building in public
The Youtuber's channel features the entire journey from research and development, proof of concept, prototypes, failures, problems, breakthroughs, launches/releases, etc.
An example below shows a build video with almost a million views. I imagine many of the viewers would buy the product were it available to the public.

People who come along for the journey are likely to buy whatever the team ends up producing. All the valuable videos remain on the internet and keep on providing new customers for years to come.
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