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Job application tracking and incentivizing service, depicting potential life timelines

Miloš Stanković
Miloš Stanković Sep 22, 2022
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An online service where you would put in job ad links to track your job hunt. Listing the date of application, company, the title of the position, salary range, company's field of work, and job board where you found the listing in a table.
With a particular focus on designing the website to illustrate that applying to a job isn't just sending a CV into the dark, but creating a potential new road for your future. Every job applied to is a possible new life.
  • Applying to jobs is annoying, long, draining, disheartening, and seems futile until you get the job.
  • Tracking outcomes for fine-tuning your application process.
  • Morale booster for career progression, fortifying the long-term outlook.
  • Gamifying the job hunt.
How it works:
Upon applying, you put a job ad URL into the service and it extrapolates all the points I listed in the first paragraph, putting them into a table chronologically. On the end of the row there are boxes to tick for "rejected", "test", "interview", "job offer" that you select in due time.
After a month or so from an application, if you didn't get a call back, the service greys out that application in the table.
Listing the job boards where you find the job is there so that over time you would prioritize looking on these sites, not wasting your times on sites where you didn't find good jobs for you.
If you make the service a browser extension, you can just mark the job ad with the service instead of bookmarking it to apply later. The service would remind you frequently to apply to the job ad as first applicants have an upper hand.
The job application idea also follows the skills or traits you have built by applying to jobs. Like persistence, work rate, writing ability, selling, adaptability... Online research when you put in a link from a job board that you haven't used. Networking when you used a connection to get the job interview. Like in an RPG game.
All for the sake of making it aparent that even time given to job ads that didn't result in a hire weren't all for nothing.
Timeline illustration:
The third major feature of the service is visually depicting the best case future in case you get hired. For motivation. Reserved for when you get an interview, or for maximum five jobs at a time you select, or for premium users.
Depicting them as alternative longterm timelines. Listing the milestones and benefits each one of them can bring on a chronological path.
  • Firstly how much more will you earn percentage wise, putting it into context, like lowering your mortgage payment time by X years, buying a new car in six months...
  • Additional job perks like gym or spa use. All extracted from the company's website or the job ad.
  • To which other jobs can the new position lead in the further future, via LinkedIn's info of other people's career trajectories.
  • How many employees in the company - how many new potential friends.
What else could be a significant life change a new job could bring?
One could go and have the service be a yearly membership, but the difference is that you're not charged for the months in which you are actively putting in links, at least four per month. Because people are tight with their money when they are looking for a job, and for 85% of people that is the main reason for looking for a new one.
Meaning that when you find a job, you won't be as active on the service, yet you would have a salary so it's ok for people to pay.
Creative contributions

Extend this idea to other 'position' hunts as well

Subash Chapagain
Subash Chapagain Sep 22, 2022
This idea seems interesting. Not just for jobs, but for other similar searches, for instance, academic positions as Masters or PhD (graduate) research student. Months ago while I was searching for new research positions for my PhD, I made a spreadsheet in google sheets with columns for intake (month/year), admission requirements (academic/language. etc), the core research area (eg RNA, viruses, Cancer), location of the university/institution, the salary/stipend, and a link to each corresponding department with potential supervisors. Based on the idea you presented, similar tracking service can be launched for students that are hunting for research positions.
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Added feature - saving the text of the ad

Miloš Stanković
Miloš Stanković Nov 02, 2022
Sometimes the search for the right candidate lasts longer than the job ad is left on the job board. So when you end up getting contacted for the job, you can't go back to the ad and read the requirements and the important traits the company listed. Limiting your knowledge on how to approach the job interview, what to focus on. The app could save the text of the job ad when you add it to its database. This can also come in quite handy when you're applying for the same job at a different company or a similar position.
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Speed up the job application process with an interactive cover letter library

Miloš Stanković
Miloš Stanković Nov 02, 2022
Have the service keep the cover letters you used and categorize them by field of application. If it's an entertainment company, travel company... So later when you apply for another travel company, you can just easily find it and reuse some of the same paragraphs you used for the first travel company.
In case you're applying to a company in a specific field for the first time, the platform would suggest related fields. For instance, if it's an outdoors company - a travel company. Or betting company - sports company...
Furthermore, the platform can scan the words used in the job ad text and then cross-reference it with your library of cover letters. If the ad stresses out the importance of working knowledge of Word Press, it will immediately find the sentence in which you described your experience with Word Press, single it out, and highlight it.
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General comments

Miloš Stanković
Miloš Stanković2 years ago
+ Some job tests are paid. Hence have a money-earned counter at the top of the platform.
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