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Kitchenware to easily get the nutrition and toxicity values of what you are going to eat

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Marco Agudelo
Marco Agudelo Oct 21, 2022
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You get a new recipe in your mind, you are told of these marvelous recipes that you haven’t tasted yet, you like to prepare that traditional recipe but somehow feels a little heavy after eating it, you prepare lunch but have the sensation you lack something, etc… all those situations could come from the fact that you really do not know what you are eating. Having the nutrition facts of independent ingredients does not necessarily sum to the compound recipe. It Is even harder to be sure of the toxicity level that you are willing to intake by eating some kind of food or combination of ingredients in order to extract protein, minerals and vitamins.
What if there could be a kitchen machine that can give you similar informatión as it is done in chemical food service agencies that can, based on a sample, estimate the nutrition facts and toxicity levels. Let's embed a chemical calculator for home kitchens!
Food and nutrition are key factors for growing healthy and maximizing muscle and mind capacities. But having access to this information seems to be available to a few groups of people, causing a lot of trash food to go on the free market without any or few regulation, and an even more complicated issue is having this food completely integrated in our daily habits. It is a silent threat.
Also a person with the initiative of developing new recipes can’t be sure of its nutrition and toxicity levels, so how to take this information without the expensive investment of taking each iteration to a food laboratory to know what can be served to which sector of users and what serving size to offer in order to contribute a balanced meal, dessert, beverage, etc..
How it works
Because of my lack of knowledge on chemical reactions I do not see viable to have a small chemical laboratory as kitchen tool (but if there are some with this knowledge would be great to hear their contributions), instead what about evaluate the viability of using hyperspectral cameras with the simplest lens in grade to take a 100mm x 100mm sample and calculate its composition . Then, do a cross reference with publicized nutrition facts and toxicity levels of known combinations and with additional database information of the brand company, and estimate with a good degree of confidence nutrition and toxicity facts.
For a non commercial use, this information could be enough to decide what to offer for a meal, what serving size would be enough, starting at which age could it be ingested and so further decisions. For a commercial use, once the new recipe is fine tuned then it can be delivered to a professional food laboratory to have a paid statement on calculated facts and launch to market its new sensation.
If the final price of the machine is too high to be for end consumers at least could be incorporated into cloud kitchens in order to promote the development of new menus with quality information about food offerings.
Would you buy this kitchen tool? How do you see it to be functional for home users?

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Creative contributions

Calorie and nutrient counting made truly easy and precise

Povilas S
Povilas S Nov 10, 2022
Your initiative to create a kitchen tool that would evaluate the nutritional data of any food product precisely (or at least more precisely than it is now possible in domestic settings) is indeed valuable. First of all, because it would make calorie counting and fitness tracking way easier than it is now. Even with currently available calorie counting apps you still have to put in pretty much manual work and perform calculations to be able to track your nutrition data regularly.
Your proposed kitchenware should be equipped with a precise scale. The device first takes a sample of any food product you're going to eat or use for cooking and determines its nutritional composition. Then you place the amount of it you'll be actually eating or using for cooking on the scale and the system multiplies the sample's nutritional data by the weight of the used amount, and after repeating this with all the products you'll get the exact nutritional data of the food you ate/prepared.
Of course, cooking and other food processing methods will affect the nutritional data of the used products, so another way is to measure the food after it's prepared, but this might be more difficult for the system to do since the final dish sample will be less homogenous than the initial, raw products.
In a more distant future, when robots that cook for you will become a domestic norm, your proposed system could be incorporated into an AI-powered robotic kitchen that will not only cook for you but also take care of your food-related health at the same time.
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Marco Agudelo
Marco Agudelo2 years ago
If the estimated facts are said per each 100g of food and you estimate your dish has 400g of food a complementary app for the kitchenware could give you a detailed fact of the served dish. Another way to go about this solution is that the kitchenware once computed the nutrition and toxic facts of the sample could recommend serving size based on weight, age and gender…
About making the measurements after food has been cooked, because the process will affect the results it is the key point why to suggest an hyperspectral camera on a small sample size. I think it could be done with this technology avoiding making chemical reactions by using chemical consumables on a house kitchen which could be less viable in the long term or commercial use.
The variations of the suggested hyperspectral kitchenware to be connected through the internet with kitchen robots, nutrients apps and other tools will work marvelously.
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Marco Agudelo
Marco Agudelo2 years ago
Povilas S Thank you for your question, because it arouses the necessity of precise terminology in order to make this kitchenware correct. In order to make this idea clearlear using the correct terminology associated with the product would ease things to potential customers and investors.
You argue that is not legal to sell food that are know to be toxic, yet food like desserts , meat , bread , some fruit seeds , alcoholic beverages, etc, are unhealthy and intoxicate your body in a quantity related to the portion-size intake per period of time, but because of the benefits as vitamins, minerals and proteins are even included on the daily meals.
In this sense I refer to food toxic level vs nutrition values per cooked dish/recipe.
Please some food professionals that contribute indicating the correct terminology ;)

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Povilas S
Povilas S2 years ago
Marco Agudelo What do you mean by food toxicity? You can't legally sell food products that are known to be toxic.
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General comments

Marco Agudelo
Marco Agudelo2 years ago
The kitchenware could be connected to the web in aid for tunning recipe, by suggesting what to add or by reducing an ingredient to comply with certain demand.
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