Facebook PixelLabyrinth for burglars: a room full of dummy doors. One is real, the rest are traps
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Labyrinth for burglars: a room full of dummy doors. One is real, the rest are traps

Image credit: C.J. Burton/Corbis

Darko Savic
Darko Savic Feb 16, 2022
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Design your home to have a central room/hallway full of dummy doors that serve as traps for burglars. If someone tries to open a dummy door, they instantly regret it.
  • No maintenance security system
  • Burglars might leave when they suspect it's a trap
How it works
Add a few dummy doors to a strategic place in your home. All the doors should look equally real. None should be the obvious/logical choice.
If the real door is obvious (at the end of a hallway) it might be necessary to rearrange the walls. Move the real door to the right or left and make the obvious choice a dummy door.
The dummy doors obviously lead nowhere. They could be made to open so that the blank wall is revealed. They could also be locked or even glued shut.
The home owners would obviously never open the dummy doors. There could be all kinds of trap mechanisms behind them. Ranging from "home alone" style to professional security solutions. Here are a few ideas:
  • Eye level pepper spray
  • Loud alarm that the burglar can't shut off
  • An automated turret armed with a tranquilizer dart
  • Flashlights + camera that streams video into the cloud and alerts you or authorities or both
  • Opening a dummy door causes steel sliding doors to cover/lock all real exits. This would be feasible if the walls were made of concrete/bricks so that the burglar cannot crowbar his way out.
What else could be triggered with dummy doors?
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General comments

jnikola2 years ago
Hahah really cool idea, but it's hardly feasible in most of the homes since you need a lot of space for this to work. Nevertheless, I would recommend this room to have no windows, since burglars could just watch you walk through your home for a day to realize which doors are real. Locking the doors should also be avoided since, for example, doors from the hallway to the living room would never be locked for practical everyday usage. That way, burglars wouldn't have to open all doors to find the right ones, but just tilt them a bit. It's a fast trick and thus makes the multiple doors an inefficient way of protection. On the other hand, yes, they could deter burglars from even trying :) It could have the same effect as automatically turning lights on and off while you're on vacation.
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