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Safety storage protected by drones

Image credit: Business Standard

Spook Louw
Spook Louw Aug 30, 2021
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Drone technology is already being integrated into home security systems . Thinking about how else drones can be used to add to the safety of the home environment led me to this idea.

The system would consist of a portable home storage safe connected to an automated drone that would be able to transport the safe to a secure location (A relative's house/the police station) as soon as the home alarm system is triggered.

The drone would be able to escape from a hidden emergency exit. If this system would work effectively, even when someone manages to gain access into your home, they would not be able to get to your most valuable assets.

Darko mentioned that thieves would be able to intercept or hunt down drones, proposing that multiple drones should be released simultaneously, where the majority would act as a diversion while only one safe carried the valuables.

I'm sure that criminals might eventually learn to hack into these systems or use their own drones to hunt down the drone with the safe, but drone technology is already so advanced that top of the range drones, travelling at more than 200mph, would prove very difficult to stop.


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