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Unlock a lock by performing a set of movements in front of the camera

Image credit: Kitchen Dance project

Darko Savic
Darko Savic Mar 29, 2022
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A locking system that unlocks something when you perform a specific set of movements.
  • Unlock the fridge by performing 10 burpees. If you're going to snack you might as well earn it.
  • Useful in settings where people could use the workout. For example student dorms, military compounds, gyms, etc.
  • No need to carry physical keys. All you need is to remember the movements.
  • Have your pets unlock the pet door while other animals (raccoons, rats, snakes) can't get in.
How it works
The system uses 3 cameras that surround the focus area from 3 viewpoints. You step into the focus area and perform a specific set of movements to unlock the door. The system allows a small percentage of deviation in movements and accounts for different body shapes.
Configuring the key (unlock movement set)
To configure a new "unlock movement set" for the first time, you authenticate yourself by inserting an actual physical (master) key into the doorlock. You then tap the door handle 5 times in quick succession. A LED diode starts blinking red. This lets you know that the cameras are looking at you to perform the new "unlock movement set". Alexa-like voice comes on and tells you to get ready to perform the new unlock movement in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, go.
You perform a sequence of movements that take as long as you wish. It can be as simple as 2 pushups or a multi-person river dance. There's no limit to the complexity. When done, you say "ok I'm done"
Silent mode
When the system detects movement in front of the cameras a red LED diode turns on to indicate that it's waiting for the right unlock movement sequence.
You perform your movements. If you get them right the door unlocks. If you get them wrong, nothing happens. You can start over whenever you want. The system doesn't care about any other movements prior to the right unlock sequence.
Audio mode
The system can be configured to use an Alexa-like voice to communicate with people. Everything else works the same as above.
In audio mode, you can choose to have a song come on so that you can perform your unlock dance in style.
Prank potential
Change the unlock movements and watch someone put in a full workout while trying to get the previous movements right. They would repeat the sequence several times thinking that maybe their form wasn't right the last time.:)
Serious use
For serious applications you need to make sure that the area where the unlock movements are to be performed is out of view. There should be no potential for spy cameras, etc.
Lock up food during non-essential meal hours
This is a separate idea but can be done with the same locking system.
Unless it's breakfast, lunch or dinner time, the fridge and pantry are locked. To unlock them you have to perform for example 50 pushups, 50 squats, 50 burpees over the course of 20 minutes. Breaks in between sets are ok. The system is able to count your repetitions. Alexa-like voice tells you how many of each excercises you have left to do.
Pet door that opens only for specific pets
You might want to let your house pets automatically enter the house. At the same time you want to prevent racoons, rats, mice, snakes from entering via the same opening.
The same system can record your pet's movements when it tries to get in. That becomes it's unlock movement set. Chances are it will keep performing the same set because it worked the last time and because it came up with it naturally in the first place. Other animals won't be able to replicate the exact same movements. The pet door will only open for your pet.
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