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Personal drug detection device that sounds an alarm and calls for help if you test positive

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Darko Savic
Darko Savic Jan 21, 2022
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Personal drug detection device that sounds an alarm and calls for help if you test positive. Insert a finger before you pass out. The device takes care of the rest.
If you suspect your drink was spiked, insert a finger into the finger-prick cartridge and have it perform a blood test for commonly used date-rape drugs. If positive, the device calls for help and sounds an alarm.
  • Make it easy for vulnerable people to call for help and deter the predators around them.
  • Know that your loved ones have an escape route if someone spikes their drink.
How it works
A pocket-sized device equipped with:
  • finger-prick quick blood test (easily replaceable cartridges)
  • GPS
  • mobile sim card
  • miniature loud speaker
You configure the device at home via bluetooth and a phone app. Configure several emergency contact numbers (friend, boyfriend, brother, father). Charge the battery and you're all set for a safe night out.
There are 3 ways to get the device to call for help:
a) Insert your finger in the finger-prick cartridge. click the only side button. The device holds your finger tight, pricks you, draws some blood and tests it for most commonly used drugs. If the test is positive the device sounds and alarm and intermitently starts repeating "drugs detected, stay put, police has been alerted, help is on the way".
b) click the only button on the device repeatedly at least 5 times. The alarm goes off "stay put, police has been alerted, help is on the way"
c) click and hold the only button for more than 5 seconds, the device silently calls for help.
Call for help
When the call for help is activated the device
  • sends an sms distress message to all your emergency contacts. The message contains a link that opens your coordinates on the map
  • calls the local emergency number and gives them operator all the necessary data via voice and again via sms
  • calls all of your emergency numbers one by one and repeats your distress call via voice
Whenever you move by more than X meters, the device sends out new coordinates.
Unless the alarm was activated in silent mode, you don't get to turn it off for at least 5 minutes. Even then, you have to click the button in a special pattern to turn the audio off. Chances are you are in the presence of an attacker and you are about to go unconcious. Others around you need to know what is going on. Hopefully someone will step in and keep you safe until help arrives.
The device could also test for your blood alcohol levels. You could configure the maximum acceptable level before the device calls for help. You could also configure it to bypass calling police for alcohol related emergencies and just call your designated emergency contacts.
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