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Meta particulate and exothermic reactions caused by a laser

Image credit: SandiaLabs

Quoss Wimblik
Quoss Wimblik Feb 22, 2021
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What sort of exothermic heat could you get from a meta particulate that when hit with a laser triggers an exothermic reaction with no oxygen involved.

How viably could such a reaction be captured into electricity?
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General comments

Juranium6 months ago
Hey Quoss Wimblik! I like the idea of the energy transfer you mentioned. I am sure that the exothermic heat produced this way could be transferred to electricity via a thermoelectric generator (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thermoelectric_generator) or a similar device. But could you give us more info about the meta particles you were talking about? Also, concerning them as hypothetical particles and you mentioning the no-oxygen environment, I assume you were talking about space and space explorations. That's a potentially cool idea of how we could generate electricity in space if the particles like this ever get discovered. Did you have this in mind when creating a session?
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