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Mini-workout stations on companies' balconies, courtyards, roofs

Image credit: Image credit: Kamil Molendys (unsplash.com)

Miloš Stanković
Miloš Stanković Feb 18, 2022
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Have mini-workout stations with multiple small equipment pieces at open spaces workplaces have available.
- provide a healthy break option for employees
- provide a healthy communal break activity as an opposite to smoking
- have people jolt their energy levels with something other than nicotine and caffeine.
How would it work?
At all possible open spaces companies have where smokers congragate, have these mini-workout zones placed. So on courtyards, balconies, roofs...
Only small pieces of equipment are to be placed here as this is not a place for a full-blown workout, but just a five-minute physical activity spot to do while you socialize.
So equipment like grip strengthener, stress balls, finger stretchers, grip rings, wrist and forearm strengtheners, fixed boxes to do calf raises on.
It's all the equipment that can be attached to the wall as new phones at display in mobile stores are, so to avoid people bringing them with them to their desks.
These exercises are big enough to cause exertion and positive body responses, but not big enough to cause heavy perspiration. As no one would like to work with people who get sweaty two hours into an eight-hour shift.
Just don't have the stations immediatly next to the trash cans, as that is where the smokers usually are and working out in a cloud of smoke will be contra-productive.
A comment by J. Nikola on this idea made me think about the importance of work socializing and how the smokers get the most out of it. I think it was one of the reasons I got hooked myself, everyone would simply come from these smoking breaks with internal jokes and buzzed. While non-smokers just sat at their desks without a "good" excuse to go outside.
These mini workout stations could give them an extra motivation to go outside for breaks and do something active with people who are also non-smokers. Competing who can do more hand grips in five minutes would transition into playful teasing and could even end up being team building, looking at it from a corporate perspective.
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General comments

Michaela D
Michaela D2 years ago
Great idea! You are right that smoking, drinking, or eating are considered the "proper" way of socializing in the professional environment. A setup like this would suggest a nice alternative! I would also add stretchy bands or even a balance board (for those with higher sweat threshold)!
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