Facebook PixelModification to the acquisition business model to include social currency and money currency in any form of cash, to buy things in the local free market
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Modification to the acquisition business model to include social currency and money currency in any form of cash, to buy things in the local free market

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Marco Agudelo
Marco Agudelo Feb 08, 2023
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Money shouldn’t be enough to buy things. Currency by definition is a standardization of money in any form. So the idea is to include yet another ingredient to the composition of local buying capacity of the equivalent medium of exchange. This idea excludes export/import businesses because of further reasons not covered in this session. Also could be included to the sell capacity, but at least for the scope of this session the idea will be focused on the capacity to buy. In which Money as cash alone shouldn’t be enough to allow people to get things in the local free market and each country should set their own social value as they set their cash equivalents.
This is already happening and some things are regulated by the state based on which country you are, but the idea is to establish it for every good, not by regulating a permission to use, but to include a social currency in which every good will have a price composed of both currencies.
The way humans have evolved trading is amazing and maybe it needs to include a social component to balance the acquisition capacity by including a commodity to which if you are having good quality of life is because you are a good citizen as well as a good manager of your money. By doing this double composition of medium of exchange corruption may lead off because eventually you will lose social currency or not having enough social currency to buy nothing but basic needs, so it won't care how much money you have you will not be able to spend it, and if the money can’t be spend it is worthless it has no power, no value at all . Of course this model could be corrupted as well but the thing will get harder to steal from others and could be used to create security methods to protect the medium of exchange.
When you see a wealthy social group you will encounter a good quality of persons too, with highly social values and strong acquisition power, to whom you will desire to do business with and learn how to live better.
How it works
It will be needed to establish a social balance score model, adequate to every country but in their core the attitude and excellence are kin concepts. Social behavior will represent earnings. Every person will also be in business and earn cash for their work or they could receive charity or alms, everything as it is working nowadays. Cash still works. But it is not enough in the proposed medium of exchange.
Second, goods will be categorized into an estimated group to which social currency takes a higher value in the way that those elements of the group are less a basic need.
People will force themselves to be a better person in order to be able to spend their money or they could decide to have a basic life and care less about their city, their society, etc.
This will need to have a deep understanding on how companies produce goods and foresee their future earnings, in order to maintain investments in research and development and procure evolving the economical system. The key concept of this idea is that when one encounters a person who apparently earns a good amount of money will undoubtedly be a good human being.
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