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Nose-warming pads for glasses

jnikola Dec 14, 2022
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Removable glasses pads that heat your nose and are powered by a small battery.
  • strengthen immunity and fight off cold and flue - warm nasal cells mounted stronger defences against cold-causing coronaviruses and rhinoviruses than those exposed to cooler temperatures (described in detail here)
  • warmer air that you breathe is, the less dry it is
How would it work?
The heating pads would come in the shape of a kit that would consist of heating glasses pads, printable or stickable electrical circuits and a small battery that can be mounted on glasses.
First, a set of heating glasses pads would be installed on your glasses. Several sizes and shapes would be available based on your glasses model. The electric circuit in the kit would be in the shape of stickers or could be printed directly on your glasses. If the glasses are too thin, the company would have its service that does the job of installing electric circuits for you. The battery would be mounted by rubber strap on the rear end of the glasses, where they would be seen easily. If the electric circuits is installed properly, battery should heat the pads. There would be a small switch to turn it on or off.
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Creative contributions

Solving the battery problem

jnikola Dec 19, 2022
Incentivized by the problem of the battery of the heater being too bulky for the glasses that Darko Savic mentioned, I searched for possible solutions:
  • Battery-powered heaters
I couldn't find tiny battery-powered heaters that would be small and powerful enough to fit the purpose. I found some medium-sized heating pads like this one, but there was no information about the efficiency of generating heat. Maybe somebody who is more into it could tell me if it could work.
  • Chemical heaters
I found chemical heaters that could work for a shorter amount of time. If adequately shaped, they could be used as nose pads, turned on to heat and later literally cooked to bring their heat-generating function back.
  • Heat as a byproduct
The final idea was to design the pads to serve as an electric devices that can send and recieve signals, but have no purpose. Why? Electrical devices heat during the usage and/or charging. Here is an example of AirPods that overheat (tiny devices that are of similar size to the nose pads) or a mobile application that uses your phone to heat your hands by overclocking the processor. I propose designing a device that could be connected to your phone and be overclocked to produce heat. It would be precharged and used when it's cold. Of course, first some basic safety and health studies should be performed.
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General comments

Darko Savic
Darko Savica year ago
Heating uses a lot of power. The battery probably wouldn't fit on the glasses themselves. There might have to be a wire connected to an external battery
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jnikolaa year ago
Thank you for pointing this out. It's a severe problem. I commented on this in a contribution.
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Povilas S
Povilas Sa year ago
Good idea. But what to do with people who don't wear glasses, but still want to get their nasal immunity strengthened?:) Glasses are getting out of fashion, especially with the increasing popularity of sight correction surgeries. Sunglasses could do, but in winter they are not popular and they are favored only by some people.
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jnikolaa year ago
Povilas S then some of the ideas described here could possibly work.
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