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Online self-propaganda service for self-improvement

Miloš Stanković
Miloš Stanković Sep 20, 2022
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An online service that would force-feed you all the information (videos, quotes, articles, tweets...) that you found useful at one point whilst browsing. Doing it time and time again until their contents have seeped into your mind. Becoming second nature, unquestioned.
  • Ideas, information, and thoughts, even great ones, aren't instantaneously absorbed by people.
  • Self-indoctrination to mitigate indoctrination by outside forces.
  • Block as much digital residue that falls into your eyes as possible.
  • Breaking the cycles of mindless scrolling online.
  • Turning the power of repetition on ourselves, with good intentions, effortlessly.
We often find various knowledge online in form of YouTube videos, quotes, Twitter threads, or news stories that we find inspiring. Their essence vital and important for our future. Yet, rarely do they get stuck as much as they should.
While other stuff that is served to us by the news and social media is getting repeated so much that it unwantedly becomes far more prevelant in our lives than the things we labeled as important.
How it works:
Firstly, the user would open the app on phones and PCs and then just paste links to it. Going through their Twitter likes, YouTube favourites, articles that were bookmarked. Then pasting quotes from wherever they keep them. That is for the useful stuff accumilated before the app.
Afterwards, you could simply select anything new and useful, a URL, a Tweet, select a paragraph in an article, and right click to label it for future repetition by the extension.
There would be an equation not to push the same article or video too often, but to make it almost like a carousel.
How it operates:
The service attacks the mind on several plains.
The most basic approach is sending emails or notifications with the select content, yet I fear that would be too easy to skip like any other email.
What I suggest is to use the approach I saw in the language-learning app Toucan, which simply exchanges some words in an online text you're reading with a word in a language you want to learn.
So when you're browsing Reddit, news sites, social media, sporadically, the service would overlay a thumbnail with a video you learned from in the past. Linking it too. Or put a paragraph, or a Tweet.
You can click a part of the overlay to make it go away.
It would be great if the program could detect the most negative thumbnails and lay the good stuff over it. Stories that lure with simple nudity or violence or simple clickbait. For titles it would be easy, whenever you see "You won't believe what happened" the overlay goes on that article. If ads can be blocked online, so can unhelpful content.
It's a: if you can't avoid it - use it; aproach to internet browsing.
It's leveraging unavoidable browsing and overwhelming your brain with helpful stuff. Conveniently.
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General comments

Shubhankar Kulkarni
Shubhankar Kulkarni2 years ago
I can see myself using this app. The selection of content needs to be easier though. Copy-pasting links is a daunting task in comparison to a right swipe for a person you like. So, maybe keep a button on the screen that you hit and the content gets listed, or a right-swipe, which would be excellent but may interfere with other features of the browsing app.
It could be coupled with (or hack :)) social media websites and feed the selected content with a greater frequency. You should be able to choose the frequency - like 1 in 5 content pieces, alternate content pieces, 100% selected content, etc.
It should randomly feed you the selected content pieces but not all text together. There should be intermittent images and videos to not bore you.
This idea could also be a suggestion for the challenge of how to avoid using social media apps.
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Miloš Stanković
Miloš Stanković2 years ago
Shubhankar Kulkarni Copy pasting is only for the material you already have accumulated on your folders or other note-taking software from before you had the service available to you. When you install the extension, you'll have a button via the right click to "save" anything, similarly to the way you can pin anything online for Pinterest.
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