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Pajamas that are fitted with pads to make the wearer have better sleeping posture

Image credit: https://unsplash.com/@isaacquesada

Samuel Bello
Samuel Bello Aug 11, 2021
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Sleeping posture can be difficult to change because you are not concious about your movements when you sleep. The proposed pajamas will have pads positioned on them so that they make you slightly uncomfortable when you sleep in bad posture positions. They will be somewhat slanted so that the wearer gradually and instinctively falls into better sleeping positions.
Sleeping the wrong way can cause or worsen one's back pain and neck pain. It can also cause obstructive sleep apnea. This is a sleep-related breathing disorder where the person stops and starts breathing repeatedly. Just like obstructive sleep apnea can be cured by using a mouthpiece that thrusts your lower jaw forward during sleep. The proposed pajamas improve your sleep by guiding you into better sleeping postures. Such pajamas can also be customized to suit a patient's medical needs in the case of physical injuries.
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