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Passive ventilation system for wall-fitted wardrobes to keep the smell of the clothes fresh

Image credit: https://www.curbly.com/ikea-closets-complete-guide

Povilas S
Povilas S Jan 31, 2022
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A ventilation system for wall-fitted wardrobes that works by simply creating a slight draft inside the wardrobe. Two vent holes are installed on the opposite sides of the wardrobe. The vent holes either have direct openings outside (if the wall is facing the outside of the building) or they are connected to the general ventilation system of the house.
  • Keep the smell of the stored clothes always fresh, as if they were hanging outside.
  • This is advantageous over simply open wardrobes, firstly because the clothes will be ventilated better with fresh air from outside and second, because not everybody likes to always see the content of open wardrobes, here you would simply close the door and let the air circulate inside.
  • Keeping the wardrobe closed also prevents dust from settling on the clothes, floor, and shelves of the wardrobe.
  • Doesn't consume energy in contrast with active ventilation systems that use electricity to operate fans and actively circulate the air.
How it works:
For making such a wardrobe, it's best to enclose a space which includes a corner of the room with both adjoined walls facing outside of the building, so that one vent hole could be made in the back wall and the other in the sidewall of the wardrobe (like illustrated in the cover image) to create best conditions for the draft to form.
If such wardrobes became popular, houses could be built with that in mind and vent holes for this purpose installed while building the walls of the house. Otherwise, the holes should be drilled before making a wall-fitted wardrobe.
If it's not possible or you don't want to make a wardrobe between outside-facing walls, then pipes could be used to connect the wardrobe with the general ventilation system of the house. The problem here is masking the pipes so that they wouldn't ruin the aesthetic view of the room.
The vent holes could have dynamic lids to regulate the strength of the airflow through them. You'd turn the switch installed next to the wardrobe to control this. The doors of the wardrobe would have thermal insulation on the sides to tightly seal the gaps and not let any cold air from outside in the room, this would be especially important during the winter season.
You'd close the vent holes before opening the wardrobe and open them again after closing the door. If the weather outside was too cold, you could close the vent holes completely or leave a very tiny gap since it can be unpleasant to wear cold clothes. This also applies if the air outside was very humid.
The system could also be equipped with sensors showing the temperature/humidity of the outside air as well as the airflow and temperature inside the wardrobe and give recommendations or even automatically adjust vent hole lids accordingly.
For the sake of maximally fresh scent, it would be best to keep all the clothes in the wardrobe hanging and keep some distance between them. But alternatively, one could also use gridded shelve partitions.
Creative contributions

Heating pipe passing through the wardrobe

Darko Savic
Darko Savic Jan 31, 2022
A heating pipe passing through the wardrobe would create air circulation. Warm air rises and escapes through the upper vent. This pulls in cooler air through the lower vent and the cycle continues. That would take care of ventilation during the winter months.
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General comments

jnikola2 years ago
I found this, which can be helpful when thinking of the design of the wardrobe. The guy explains filters and ventilation used.
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Povilas S
Povilas S2 years ago
J. Nikola That is more a high-tech solution and it's designed for a different purpose, but it does refresh the smell of the clothes as the guy indicates. But my idea is about making it simple and energy-saving.
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