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Possibility to "lock" a certain part of the playlist on music streaming platforms

Povilas S
Povilas S Sep 19, 2021
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This is a very simple idea for a simple tool which is lacking on music streaming platforms and which, from my experience, would be useful.

A user would be allowed to lock a certain part of the playlist by simply selecting the songs with the mouse cursor. By "lock" I mean that only the selected songs would circle around to be played. So technically it's more about locking the rest of the playlist except from the selected part.

Why would this be useful:

Popular music streaming platforms like Spotify and YouTube allow any playlist to be played either in a successive manner or in shuffle mode. There’s no way for the user to make the software circle or shuffle within the specific part of the playlist. If you want that, you have to do it manually, by stopping and playing certain songs again. Another option is to make a separate playlist with only those songs that you want to hear for the time being and delete it afterwards. But both of those options are not convenient. The described feature would let you make temporal mini playlists within the same playlist. That way you’d be able to juggle with your favorite music more freely.

I often enjoy listening to only the most recent part of the playlist, - the songs that I’ve added to it yesterday or in a few last days or few last weeks, depending. This is not only true for me, it’s a general psychological trend when listening to music – people usually listen to the most recent songs they enjoyed until they get bored of them, then search for something new or…. - dig amongst older songs. So it’s not only about being able to lock the most recent songs. As I explained in this idea, the playlist has a kind of biographical layers in it, the batch of songs that you added during a certain time period is related to certain circumstances in your life and therefore you’d likely want to listen to that specific part of the playlist again at some point, all those songs are likely to provoke similar feelings.

There should also be a possibility to lock a certain batch of songs by selecting them one by one, that way the feature would not be limited to selecting only successive songs from the playlist.

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General comments

Spook Louw
Spook Louw3 years ago
I can imagine making use of such a function if it existed, the only objection I might have is that specifying a couple of songs is what the playlist is meant to do.
So essentially, you want to create a playlist within an already existing playlist, one could argue that this is repetitive. That being said, I know exactly what you mean, and as I said, I would probably also make use of this function. I'm just not sure if this need would warrant a separate function. You could simply create a new playlist, containing only what you want.
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Povilas S
Povilas S3 years ago
Spook Louw I addressed the possibility of creating a new playlist in the idea description. The problem with this option is - it's not comfortable. Imagine you do that often, you then either would have to delete the newly created playlist every time after using it (you'd only create it to listen for a short time) or you'd have tons of useless new playlists piling up with time and making a total mess in your library. I tried this option in practice a few times.

And anyway you'd add those songs to the new mini playlist that already exist in your old large playlist, so it's an unnecessary double job compared to what such a function would allow. The main advantage of having such a function is that you'd be able to quickly select and deselect a specific part of the playlist to be played whenever you want, so if you got bored of say the most recent songs, you could browse back, find some part from "the summer party", select it, listen to that for a while, then jump to something else, etc. This way you'd be able to juggle around the same playlist with a new possibility that wasn't existing before. It's simply way more convenient.
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