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Profile "mosaic" instead of just a profile picture

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jnikola Dec 08, 2021
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Profile photos are often creating biases. On Instagram, Facebook, or other social networks, profile photos have been a way to represent a person (next to a name). On LinkedIn, professionals tend to have more professional profile photos and that is often the reason why a certain bias or misconception gets created.
The idea
In order to make profile pictures more informative, lower the misconception rate and allow people to express themselves in a more creative way, I propose a universal profile photo mosaic.
Profile mosaic would be automatically generated by choosing the template. The algorithm would then read the profile description and create the mosaic. It would contain information about users' education, experiences, skills, and/or interests. Users would not be able to choose which information would be visible, just the format. The information would be presented as colored circles, squares, or dots that form the frame, bar, or other structure that does not cover the face/person on the photo. This way, people could get to know a person better just by looking at their profile mosaics.
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General comments

Darryl Koh Yuan Jie
Darryl Koh Yuan Jie2 years ago
I would argue that this is only useful to a certain extent. For example, based on the image you have shown, it would be easy to label your work experience and interest etc. However, certain things like character and personality would probably still have a certain bias to them. Rarely will one present and associate themselves with negative traits such as arrogance etc. Similarly to what Darko mentioned, wishful thoughts. I think the LinkedIn conformation of skill would be a good step forward as mentioned by you. However, again it is not difficult to get people to endorse your skill(I got my friends to do it for me) though it is definitely useful in sieve out bots or undesired users.
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Shubhankar Kulkarni
Shubhankar Kulkarni2 years ago
The problem you are targeting is the unnecessary attention of the recruiters towards the photo leading to a bias in the selection decision, right? In that case, what if the photo was not the first thing people see on the profile page? For example, the first thing (in bold) is the current job or the highest degree. Then come the experience and the references. The viewer will need to scroll down to look at the photo and the personal information.
Although I think the mosaic is a good idea, I am concerned with the representation. I think it will be too much cramped-up information in a smaller space. Also, since the photo is still there, what will deter the viewer from looking at it and creating a bias. Since all the information is around the photo, the photo still remains the center of initial attraction, probably causing the bias.
On the other hand, seasoned recruiters don't care much about the photo and directly jump to the qualifications. They use filters to reduce the number of contestants and then scan them manually, eliminating the incorporation of biases in the initial rounds of selection.
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jnikola2 years ago
Shubhankar Kulkarni I agree with you and yes, a profile photo should not be in first place on your profile. At least not on social media that has no purpose to find you a matching lifetime partner or a modeling job.
I couldn't come up with a more convenient solution, so yeah, the cramping of the information is still an unsolved problem. It would be great if there is an easier way how this could be achieved.
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Darko Savic
Darko Savic2 years ago
Wouldn't the profile be surrounded by wishful thoughts? It would feature the kind of person people wish they were - which is whatever is highly regarded in the person's culture of origin
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jnikola2 years ago
Darko Savic I think it's pretty easy to recognize who's fake nowadays, so I think since the mosaic would be visible by people in your circle, people would be honest.
But, your concerns are real, so there could be a way to confirm the information by other user feedback. Or, maybe even better, the mosaic around the photo could be generated by the other user's feedback. There is already an option on LinkedIn to confirm someone's skill. It could be made in a way that users create a picture of you. Here it's important that the mosaic never shows anything negative about a person but exclusively serves to give us more interesting information that can help the person be presented in more detail through the profile mosaic only.
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