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Raising an arm (hailing) to stop the autonomous taxi vehicle

Image credit: https://unsplash.com/photos/XWbtg_a7fuc

jnikola Jun 03, 2022
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An idea is actually a proposition for a feature of autonomous taxi service. A portion of autonomous taxis cruise around the city and can be stopped by raising an arm (hailing a yellow taxi in New York).
  • Sometimes your battery dies and you need a taxi home.
  • Instead of requesting and waiting for a ride, you see a taxi and want to stop it because it's right in front of you.
  • It can help autonomous taxi services to determine how to distribute their vehicles for minimal waiting time
  • It's fun
How would it work?
Ordering a ride
For the reasons above, you see an autonomous taxi approaching and raise an arm. If the taxi is empty, it will give you a sign that it noticed you by flashing the lights or a glowing taxi sign on the roof. For the recognition of raised arms, multiple cameras used for driving would be used.
Sharing a ride and earning a discount
If it's not empty, but soon ending a ride, it will give a user an option to choose if it allows the joint ride for the last mile. Since it cannot know where the passenger who requests a ride will go, this option would not be available until 2 mins until the destination. However, if the current passenger accepts, it would reduce its taxi ride price by 10%. Consequently, the ride requested by raising an arm would be 10% more expensive. In any case when the ride is accepted, the sign (flashing lights, glowing taxi sign) would appear.
Double confirmation
The person requesting a ride must again raise the arm to confirm the ride. If not confirmed again, the vehicle continues, considering it a mistakenly riased arm. If the taxi is not empty and a person inside doesn't want to share its last mile, the taxi just continues with no sign.
What are your thoughts? Is there any other way how fun old-schoolway of stopping a taxi by raising an arm could be implemented in new world of autonomous taxis?
Creative contributions

Hailing a smartphone to request a ride

jnikola Jun 03, 2022
Inspired by the above topic, I thought of an easier way how to immediately implement this fun way of ordering a taxi ride. The idea that crossed my mind was:
Implementing a smartphone shortcut that detects hailing and immediately requests a ride home.
How would it work?
If you wanted to request a ride home, work, or any desired address, you would have to:
  • set up the default ride requesting app
  • set up the hail-to-request destination address
  • set up the shortcut by repeating the gesture 10 times for the algorithm to learn your way of hailing
  • turn the feature on
  • hail
Everything else, including payments and receipts would be dealt by the app as usual.
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Darko Savic
Darko Savic2 years ago
This one is more original than the parent idea;)
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