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Street market

Image credit: Photo from magazine Btisbane Kids, uncredited

Bernie Dowling
Bernie Dowling Aug 04, 2021
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A regular (monthly?) market in your street, hosted by various residents where people can buy, sell and swap produce or superfluous goods. Could have buskers or other performers and homemade treats for sale or swap.
A great way to meet neighbors and assist the more needy members of the community.
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General comments

Darko Savic
Darko Savic6 months ago
Hi Bernie Dowling 🖖

I imagine this as a neighborhood mini-festival where the locals contribute what they can to make it as fun and pleasant as possible. If successful it catches on and people start flocking to it on a regular basis.

The tricky part is not to let it die off in the early days when people don't know about it. I imagine an occasional poor turnout would be bad for morale and might cause subsequent bad turnouts.
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