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Danny Weir
Danny Weir Jan 22, 2022
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Now, I know this idea may come across as unsuitable to some and for that I apologise. I just had the idea and wanted to put it out there to the community, there is no harm or judgement meant by it.
A Trip Advisor type website/app specifically for adult entertainment venues. Patrons can leave reviews about their experiences at the venues, including: location convenience, quality of venue, drinks, food, dancers and performers, facilities, pricing etc.
Obviously there are sites out there such as Reddit, Yelp and Google where reviews for adult venues can be read and given. There isn't a one-stop-shop for it though and I believe there is a market for it.
The strip club industry in the US is worth more than $7 billion alone! The estimated global market is well in excess of $75 billion! Strip Advisor helps to manage and regulate the industry from a customer point of view.
How It Works
  • The app will have a map showing all of the adult entertainment venues in your area. You can click on each individual venue to view pictures, information and reviews.
  • Patrons will be encouraged to leave reviews for venues through promotions and the app offering a points-based system (similar to Trip Advisor where more reviews means more points and potentially access to discounts and offers at venues).
  • Venues can include strip clubs, legal brothels, sex show venues, exotic dance venues, sex shops.
  • The venues and patrons have the opportunity to communicate via comments on the app which should help to correct any negative experiences through good customer service practices.
  • Individuals working at the venues can be recommended and highlighted as doing their job well (not just dancers, but also bar staff and others working there). This could potentially lead to higher earnings and bonuses for those workers and also holds them accountable for their professionalism.
  • It would also be possible for venues to report bad customer behaviour and have them and their reviews removed from the app if proven through official channels.
  • Registered users of Strip Advisor would scan their card when entering a venue so that they are held accountable for their actions when inside the venue.
  • Tips can be provided through the app to venues and automatically directed to certain members of staff at venues.
Would it work?
I'm pretty sure Trip Advisor would quite quickly try to shut the name idea down for copyright infringement, but it doesn't mean that the idea wouldn't work! An industry that is notorious for being unregulated could now have a central hub of customer regulation and all parties are then held accountable, from the venues to the bosses to the workers to the patrons. This should help all venues to make their products better and increase their review scores while the patrons have a good idea of where the best place to go for adult entertainment in their area is!
What do you think? Can anyone think of any major pitfalls? Very interested to hear your ideas!


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General comments

Miloš Stanković
Miloš Stanković2 years ago
There are websites for escorts that have reviews and rating systems (I've been told 😁) so the idea could definitely work. There are also tags so that the visitor can filter and pick their companion based on particular preferences, like age, height, hair colour... The same categorization can be done for performers in strip clubs.
The sex industry is booming so there's certainly money to be made there. It's also a great name.
A possible pitfall could be that it could make it easy for stalkers to find particular performers and come to the new venue they are at, even if they were banned at a previous place.
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