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the lake winnapeg trip

sam seidler
sam seidler Nov 18, 2022
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“Owen, did you pack your life jacket? Owen never went on the trip without it. Owen, his dad jack, and his sister flora were going on their annual lake winnpeg fishing trip. Owens
mother had disappeared two years ago but they never stopped the trip they couldn't it was tradition doing so would tear the family apart
“yeah dad”
“Good let's go”
“Awww crap dad the tires popped”
“WHAT! Watch your sister don't go near the water I'll call the tow truck for repairs”
“ok you here sissss…..”
but it was to late she was in a tree
“get down you'll get hurt”
“ no i won't i've done it before”
Owen looked out across the water. He had bad feelings like Ancient whispers to tell him his fate. Just then a bolt of lightning struck the other side of the lake. Ice cold rain pressed down like needles and a beam of light peered down through the ever growing dark sky revealing a silhouette figure for a split second and then it was gone
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