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The metadata-based dating app

Image credit: https://unsplash.com/photos/8s9cDpite-8

jnikola Nov 25, 2022
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The most simple dating site where you don't input data, but only share the metadata collected on your mobile phone.
  • Users tend to create fake profiles on dating sites (sociopaths and psychopaths)
  • People are not always aware of their flaws and create profiles that don't represent them
  • Profile-making often requires extra effort (topic dealing with boosting profiles for better matching) and does not always bring more successful matching
  • ALLOW YOUR METADATA TO SAVE YOU TIME AND TALK HONESTLY FOR YOU (the metadata could be that "gut feeling" that Darko Savic mentioned here) --> simplifying dating apps
How would it work?
When you download an app, you would:
  • simply allow app access (one-click) to location, gallery (photo metadata), messages (contents, not user information), calls (metadata), collected browsing history, app usage and other "metadata"; your name, surname, age, card numbers, address, mobilephone numbers and similar private information would never be shared nor used by the match-finding algorithm
  • wait for the algorithm to find you a possible match; the algorithm would create a short summary of your mostly used keywords, habits, and other data derived from your metadata and pack it into your "user summary"; you would never be able to see your summary
  • choose if you like the summaries of suggested possible matches by reading them and swiping left or right
  • only if you match with someone, you would get a larger summary of the person and the ability to share your photo with them
  • if you both like your photos, you would get a chance to communicate and share private information (TWO MATCHING REQUIRED - increased safety)
Names, age, address or other information would never be shared nor used by the match-finding algorithm. However, every swipe would be evaluated and you personalized algorithm that is finding you a match would be reshaped to give you better suggestions the next time.
The app would sell your data as every other app and use it as a source of funding. After some time, the premium paid versions would start to offer exclusive features that would help switching the funding plan from the selling of the privacy information towards selling the service itself.
Type of data and "metadata" used
  • browsing history (keywords, types of content, creators, period of day, etc)
  • time spent on the app per day (time, app type)
  • location (to extract data about your physical activity, enhancing the algorithm by matching the radius of search to your "preferred" distance (Distance you are comfortable of making))
  • gallery photos metadata (keywords, size, number, type, image info, etc)
  • messages (when do you text, with how many people (social interactions), are the messages short or long, etc)
  • camera activity (if you are keen on taking photos, videos or none)
  • voice records, phone call durations, etc
If you have any other data type you consider important, feel free to comment.
Additional ideas to "hook it up"
  • after the match, the communication could continue only by you seeing the new summaries of your matches' activity; this period would last some time that would be calculated by the algorithm (between 1 and 7 days)
  • after that period you would again have to swipe left or right based on if you still like the person
  • HIDDEN ORIENTATION - the app would not allow you to choose your orientation --> you could expect the match to be both, a man or a woman, based on your metadata
The same principle could be used for bussiness-oriented platforms and potentially solve the problem of this challenge.
Note: I strongly advise you not to mention data safety and privacy since the idea is about making dating more simple and efficient. Data privacy is another problem we have to tackle.
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DatDude Mtl
DatDude Mtl Mar 14, 2024
One aspect I see as a revenew stream is "first dates". After a match, one can initiate the first date prompt. A selection of first date suggestions, curated from the metadata will appear. Both people can select an outing, making the process a lil more structured. Local business will offer packages that can be purchased within the app. Possibility of in app purchase, or business ad revenue.
One aspect I see as a stream is "first
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General comments

Povilas S
Povilas S2 years ago
I doubt not showing yours and being able to see other people's photos and even sex/orientation initially would make dating more simple and efficient. What would then a person see in the other user's "summary"? How would it help them decide whether they like that person and want to see their/share their own photo or not? The idea and the working principle are good, it's the same concept suggested here, just for dating, but I don't see a reason to hide the information about people's looks, their sex, or their orientation. Those are the primary features when it comes to dating. Also, what do you mean not using your age for finding matches? How would that help?
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jnikola2 years ago
Povilas S From the summary, you could see almost everything: what the person is into (sports, pets, adventures, business, skills, music genres, how much time he/she spends on certain apps, in nature, doing physical activity, number of contacts, maybe even character type based on call durations, messages, keywords, etc. I think that should be enough to make you focus on what the person is like instead of what it looks like and save you time texting all these things in the first 20 messages. Let's face it, many people's soulmates are not something they would choose if they searched only for looks. Your sex, orientation, and age requirements would be very easy for the algorithm to distinguish, I think that part shouldn't worry you. People tend to focus a lot on this, while age differences in relationships most of the time almost make no difference.
Thank you for linking the session on big data, I couldn't find it. With some differences, it is conceptually the same thing just for dating, yes.
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