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Theater for blind people

Image credit: Sky News

Darko Savic
Darko Savic Nov 02, 2021
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Theater for blind people where the lack of sight is compensated by stimulation of the other senses.
I imagine there are not enough visually impaired people in an average city to make such a venue economically sustainable. For this reason, the theater would be open to everyone. While inside, everyone would get to experience what it feels like to be blind.
  • How can we make the lives of the visually impaired more fun?
  • Let people spend some time in a visually impaired person's shoes so that they can better appreciate what life feels like from their perspective.
How it works
Upon entry, everyone is asked if they have any allergies. Everyone is roughly warned on what to expect. Everyone leaves their phone at the door.
Everything inside is pitch black. Absolutely zero light. Everyone gets instructions and a cane to help themselves find their seat. The cane is made of foam so that people don't hurt each other.
The staff wears night vision goggles so that they can help direct people around.
The show can be pre-recorded. Nobody sees the actors anyway. The only thing that matters is that audio is perfect. Angelic singing. Amazing soundtracks. Directional sound system.
Fragrances are released to match the story. They are ventilated out as soon as they have served the purpose.
Sections of seats move and tilt when it makes sense in the story.
Quick massages of shoulders, neck, scalp and face are given to people at random. People are warned on entry that they might be touched during the show.
Periodically there is a cold or warm breeze when it makes sense in the story. There are also infrared panels that warm people from above when the sunshine or heat is mentioned in the story.
People are fed small pieces of what is mentioned in the story. The treats are surprisingly tasty. Try to come up with stuff that is difficult to identify. Something that people never tried before.
The jury is still out on how everyone is going to be fed. This either requires a large number of staff, limited small groups of visitors, or robotic feeders.
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