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Wearable perfumed polymer rings to counter mouth odor

Image credit: https://unsplash.com/@diana_pole

Samuel Bello
Samuel Bello Aug 06, 2021
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Perfumed polymers can be made into round rings that can be worn on the teeth. This will help to reduce the effect of mouth odor or even overshadow it completely. The polymer will be so slim that it will not discomfort the wearer's mouth. It will also have to be made of hypoallergenic materials. It can also be laced with medication that will improve the wearer's dental health in the long run.

The material used will be preferably transparent or they can be white and translucent so that they seem to create a whitening effect too. They should also be perforated so that they let you brush your teeth without having to remove them, this will reduce the chance of forgetting to put them back on or losing them.
This type of "mouth freshener" does not have to be used by people who have bad breath alone. It can be marketized to the extent where there will be luxurious brands that use it to compliment their fancy bodyspray products.

More fashionable versions of the product can be made to have silver or gold colors. Children will also like versions that have images of their favorite cartoon characters. They can be customizable so that you chose what is printed on your "mouth freshner."
They can also be used as a means to administer medications that are required in small amounts.They can be modified to fit on the teeth of pets too.
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A Discreet Interim Solution Appears More Appropriate

D. Eagle Aug 07, 2021
The idea seems to focus on the symptom rather cause. Besides, wearing such a dental device appears insensitive, as a visible means of publicising an already embarassing condition, albeit unintended.

Mouth odor or bad breadth is often caused by an underlying oral or medical condition. If the condition is treated successfully, then the proposed idea becomes unnecessary.

However, there's a need for an interim solution while treatment for the underlying condition is ongoing. In this case, a discreet approach would be appropriate, bearing in mind that bad breadth is embarrassing enough.
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D. Eagle3 years ago
Samuel Bello, understood. There’s still the perceived "bad taste in the mouth” or “flaw” of not being discreet (visually), albeit the well-intended aim to keep the device transparent is recognized. For clarity, by "discreet", I mean in the sense of visual (not functional) conspicuousness, as suggested by the head image, which was seen as similar to dental braces.

Never mind, if any perceived flaw could be reverse-conceptualized to meet the needs of below applications, then your solution seems brilliant, hoping that there's no patent-rights protection (about this later).


General Use

For general use, including temporary consumption-related mouth odor, where the usual oral care (mouth wash, brushing teeth, etc), mint and chewing gum are inadequate, the issue of visual conspicuousness could be designed out with a collection of dedicated 2 or 4 pieces that clip to the back teeth independently in pairs or singularly. There's a separate pair for the upper back teeth and the other, for the lower, but the pieces could be used in various combinations (e.g. 1 up/left and 1 down/right), depending on need.

In this way, when the device is worn (clipped to the back teeth), it’s well hidden/discreet (visually) at the back of the mouth, without causing any self-consciousness or embarassment to the user.

Specific Use

The solution could also be particularly helpful to people who already use or need dental braces and undergoing treatment for the underlying dental or medical condition of the mouth odor, by providing the suggested interim support.

In this case, any concerns regarding wearing a visible 'mouth freshener' would be unnecessary, because the user wears or intends to wear braces anyway and the secondary 'mouth-freshener' function is latent and unnoticeable - hence, also discreet (functionally).


The beads could be coated with substances that release a range of perfumes, for user preference (mint, fruit, etc) only when the device is in use. The active ingredient could be triggered by saliva or certain level of compounds associated with mouth odor.

It’s assumed that the solution would be a long-lasting device, with good recycling policy and minimal negative impact on the environment.


There’s potential for a supplementary device for testing mouth odors, allowing users to gauge the level of their bad breadth, since a person's sense of smell is fatigued (immuned) to own breadth. This and main devices could be stored in a well-designed travel case.


A world-wide patent search is highly recommended, to determine whether there are registered patent rights relating to the proposed solution. If so, you could focus on improving the existing patent.


This could be realised by a range of products and accessories, and/or patent licence to dental, confectionary, etc brands, where a patent protection is secured.

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Samuel Bello
Samuel Bello3 years ago
I think the solution I suggested is the interim solution that you are talking about. It can be used to cover the symptoms while more permanent solutions to the "medical conditions" are being implemented. I agree that the solution should be discreet too. That is why I mentioned that the material should be transparent. The use of such an accessory will not necessarily give the user away just like wearing perfume does not always mean the wearer has body odor. The reference you cited says that most of the time, bad breath is caused by something in your mouth or throat. In the case where someone's mouth is smelling because they consumed alcohol or something with a strong smell. There is no medical solution to such a situation since it is not even a medical problem and the proposed would be ideal.
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Darko Savic
Darko Savic3 years ago
Agreed. Here is a solution that treats the cause rather than symptoms https://brainstorming.com/r/ZbFbt1

If masking was the goal a chewing gum or a pocket mouth-wash spray might be simpler
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