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How do we make post-pandemic life feel safe and normal again?

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Dragan Otasevic
Dragan Otasevic Oct 14, 2020
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Safe and Normal again?

Suchinder Paul Singh Dhillon
Suchinder Paul Singh Dhillon Jan 24, 2021
Manel Lladó Santaeularia
Manel Lladó Santaeularia4 days ago
Hi Suchinder Paul Singh Dhillonr! You posted in the right place and your point is very interesting. I agree that the pre-pandemic world was blatantly and dangerously unprepared to deal with any kind of relevant crysis. A lot of experts had already said that the next big pandemic was close and still no government took serious steps to avoid it or make it easier to deal with. Trump's administration even disregarded the Pandemic Playbook left by the Obama administration as soon as they arrived in the White House, resulting in complete incompetence and lack of preparation when the pandemic started. I think this is the first thing that will (or at least should) significantly change in the post-pandemic future.

I also think a lot of our habits will change, at least partially. I think it will be less common to greet people with hugs and especially kisses. In some countries you kiss people on the cheeks when you get introduced to them, being complete strangers. I'm inclined to think that this will change and people will be smart/scared enough to not go back to the same old habits again.

On a similar note, I believe many people will feel less comfortable with extremely-crowded events like parties, concerts and stuff like that. This may change the way these events are organized (maximum capacity, distance between atendees).

Time will tell how we will adapt, but I surely hope we will have learnt something from this.
Dragan Otasevic
Dragan Otasevica month ago
Hi Suchinder Paul Singh Dhillon, welcome:) I fully agree. I have modified the session to include your suggestion

Illegal to be sick in public

Dragan Otasevic
Dragan Otasevic Jan 25, 2021
Anja M
Anja M24 days ago
I think this is important to mention, but I want to shed another light on it.
Capitalistic structures made things worse in this domain, since people would for various reasons find it even easier not to skip a day on their job, but this is not a primary problem. At least where I live, it is frequently, like you said, a sign of weakness if you don't go to: kindergarten, school, job, if you e.g. "only" have a runny nose, slight cough, etc. It is one thing to learn to become tougher for your own sake, but completely another to have this as a lifestyle. Not that everyone behaves like this, but it is definitely something enough spread culturally that it shouldn't be ignored.
I think it is a lack of some domestic culture to attend school, work, and events if you are sick. In a healthy sense (pun not intended), corona should help us cultivate this sense of care for the others if we are sick. Another point that came to light for me a couple of years ago is that I notice this in companies much, especially during the winter. A substantial number of companies have their own central ventilation/heating system, so the air flows in circle in it. In those "closed" circles, it is very easy for a pathogen to stick in and in time affect more people. In addition to that, people sometimes forget to open the windows, as they usually use a balcony or go outside for a break, so this is quite empirically proven, to say so.

The golden middle should be masks, when e.g. you feel well enough to work. I am quite certain a spread of seasonal flu would be diminshed if people would wear masks. It is funny though how Western culture would find Chinese, Japanese, etc.wearing a mask funny for that, but now we very much understand this behaviour and comply to it. And add pollution to that, that we usually forget about, and you have additional motives to wear one.
So, all in all, I hope we develop much more sense and active thinking about disease spreading, without installing paranoia in it.

Temperature checkpoints at public places

Shubhankar Kulkarni
Shubhankar Kulkarni Feb 23, 2021

A global app that tells you the proximity to positive individuals

Shubhankar Kulkarni
Shubhankar Kulkarni Feb 23, 2021

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