Facebook PixelA 'trailer' for college and university majors made by fresh graduates and students
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A 'trailer' for college and university majors made by fresh graduates and students

Image credit: Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Contrived _voice
Contrived _voice Feb 12, 2022
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You know how movies have trailers so you know what's the movie like before you watch it? Someone should make those but for college majors. These should be done by students doing that major since i think they'd be more frank about what it really takes to study it.
80% of people i know picked their college major by pure chance and maybe a little speculation. This one guy was good in art class so the guidance counsellor said architecture would be a good fit, what he forgot to mention was architecture eventually got you doing calculus and mechanics. Which would make sense if you actually thought it through, but, teenagers aren't exactly famous for thinking things through. The guy did not enjoy math nor physics so he quit. Although inviting professionals and lecturers is great for career guidance it doesn't really get into the details of how you get there in the first place. It underplays the whole learning process making it seem like just a stepping stone.
Making a 17 year old pick a career path without knowing what it takes seems wasteful. Asking industry professionals for advice just tells you about how the industry is, not what it takes to join the industry, since they already did that a long time ago.It would be like asking a high school student to describe elementary school, they did that a long time ago and in hindsight it seems easier than it actually was. Same thing here.
How it works
While trying to graduate you are aware of the struggles, which puts you in a unique position to tell someone who is about to start the same undertaking exactly what it requires. Also having few years apart makes you relatable. Your priorities at 40 are not the same ones you had at 17 but at 23 you can resonate more with the 17 year olds. Waking up for classes at 7 seems like real sacrifice when you're younger and no one even mentions it until you find out you have to do it.All i'm saying is someone needs to tell you all this before you commit to something that you might end up doing wall your life
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Combining both the graduates and the professionals for the trailer

Miloš Stanković
Miloš Stanković Feb 12, 2022
think you need both the graduates and the professionals for a trailer that would serve its purpose.
Studies are primarily the means to an end.
If the studies are enjoyable but the jobs you can get with the major are not, the trailer would be doing a disservice to the viewers. The first four years might be enjoyable, but the next 20, 30 won't be. That's a bad trade-off.
I understand that people currently in the jobs would have a survivor bias and would be incentivized to say good things about it due to their personal reputation and not wanting their bad words to reach the management.
But you can solve that with non-descriptive outlooks from the people in the industry. Just record how long do you work per week, how many recruiters contacted you in the last 12 months, has their salary increased in the last 12 months...
Or get their intakes anonymously.
However, via LinkedIn you can also find people who left those industries and interview them to balence the survivor bias out.
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Contrived _voice
Contrived _voice2 years ago
great suggestion, it could be in parts. say the education is the prequel and employment is the main event. I also like the linkedln idea, give the views from frelance operators as well as those employed, you can never have too much feedback. Maybe call up some guys who are still unemployed and ask them for their input, no survivor bias there.
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General comments

jnikola2 years ago
Maybe it's a stupid comment, but what would the students filming the trailer have from it? Imagine you are the student finishing or just finished the faculty. What would be your motivation to make this trailer?
Also, would the trailer be more effective than the student-companies chat roulettes, job fairs, talks with your parents or the professional about your skills, wishes, and business orientation? Although very young, students have different motivations when starting faculty and it should maybe be guided by a professional assessment of the candidate's skills and virtues, not by other student experiences.
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Michaela D
Michaela D2 years ago
A trailer like this would be a great way to get a wider perspective on a diploma. You could show how some classes are, the teachers, the facilities, etc. The tricky part would be to keep it fair and not only show the good stuff!
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Contrived _voice
Contrived _voice2 years ago
Michaela D I want to focus on the challanges more instead of just the positives, you know?
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