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A device that alerts you of a potential attacker

Image credit: PhotoMIX-Company via Pixabay

Goran Radanovic
Goran Radanovic Mar 28, 2022
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An arm-worn device or app that detects dangerous behaviour/possessions of those around you and alerts you of potential attackers.
  • Know if you or someone close by is in danger
  • Foresee an attack so that you can defend yourself
How it works
A device or an app detects weapons, knives, and dangerous objects on people within your proximity. The device has audio detection, so it can identify words attackers use, anger through shouting, and rapid heartbeats. Once it has detected dangerous objects/behaviour, it alerts you of it and prompts you to ignore the alert or for the device to contact the police.
The device has GPS so that the police can locate you without talking to you. Otherwise, you can enable the device to act as a phone.
How would you use it and make it better?
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General comments

Aashi Agarwal
Aashi Agarwal2 years ago
Hi Goran. Would a smart glass not be able to do the same? Vuzix Blade Smart Glasses claim to be effective for threat management by detecting concealed weapons and explosives as well. Using its facial recognition scan feature one could possibly examine body language for detecting emotional cues like stress, anger, nervousness etc. These two features combined could help mitigate life threatening situations. I remember Google glasses having this "body language detection" feature as well. I think it probably got banned down the line for privacy purposes.
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Goran Radanovic
Goran Radanovic2 years ago
Aashi Agarwal Yeah, I guess it's similar. I knew about SWORD, but not about this device.
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Darko Savic
Darko Savic2 years ago
I like the concept. There are a few problems to consider:
  1. People who are coming directly for you with the intent of harming you with a weapon will likely do it without signaling their intent. The weapon would be concealed until the final moment. By that time it would be too late for any alerting device to help you.
  2. For people who are just irrationally attacking everyone, you don't need such a device. If you are the first to get hit, it's too late for you. If you are not the first, you would hear/see the chaos and react even without the device.
The only way I can see such a device work is if you are: a) an expert in knife defense, b) the device alerts you when anyone is coming for you with enough speed that you should turn towards them right then and there in order to be ready for a potential attack. This would cause many false alarms in shopping centers or on busy streets.
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Michaela D
Michaela D2 years ago
Detecting dangerous behavior would be challenging. When someone is about to attack usually they hide and don't shout until it's too late. Also, a rapid heartbeat by itself is not indicative of a plan to attack. It would be more straightforward to detect dangerous objects. How were you thinking of doing that?
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Goran Radanovic
Goran Radanovic2 years ago
Michaela D Yes, false alarms exist. That's the reason the device prompts you to react if it's real. The device contains technology, which already exists, that identifies weapons and additional features, such as if you were to get into a verbal altercation, and the device believes that it will escalate further.
A knife doesn't need to be in your face for this device to alert you. The potential attacker could have it on them. Someone who is aggressive towards you and has a weapon on them are good signs that you're in trouble.
Darko Savic I think this should answer your question as well, for the most part.
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