Facebook PixelA dream sharing network where AI interprets and groups people based on current fears and desires
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A dream sharing network where AI interprets and groups people based on current fears and desires

Image credit: Yuganov Konstantin

Darko Savic
Darko Savic Jun 10, 2022
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Dream sharing network where AI interprets and groups people by shared subconscious fears and desires.
  • Feel the "pulse" of the world by having artificial intelligence interpret people's subconscious fears and desires. Then show the prevalence of the common ones on the world map.
  • A place where you can chat with others who are going through a similar phase in life.
How it works
To the best of my knowledge, our dreams mainly revolve around our subconscious fears and desires. Even when the actual stories make little sense we can usually extract the underlying fears or desires.
Whenever you have dreams you wish to understand, you log onto the network's website and write them down in an editor with as many details as you can. You would be reminded to mention how specific events made you feel in the dream.
AI (via GPT3 or similar) recognizes what your dreams are about and (via AlphaGo or similar) tries to extract the underlying fears and desires. It takes the neural network months to learn from countless examples under the supervision of field experts before it's ready for prime time.
The AI then engages in a conversation with the dreamer and asks whatever it needs to know to pinpoint the root fears/desires that influenced the dream. If the dreamer thinks that the AI corectly identified the key fears/desires that influenced the dream, they proceed to the next stage where:
  • The AI then presents the findings to the dreamer and interprets what the dream probably meant.
  • Dreamers see how many others have recently had dreams with the same combination of fears and desires. Concentration of similar dreamers is shown on the world map.
  • The AI provides useful tips on what people could do about their specific fears/desires.
What will incentivize people to keep sharing their dreams with the network?
  • Have artificial intelligence interpret your dreams and tell you what might be causing them and what you can do about them.
  • Discover how many other people recently dreamed of something similar and where on the world map they are mostly concentrated.
  • A fun feature where AI fills in the voids in your dreams and makes the story flow better. You can have the story continued or have the AI make up the events leading up to it.
  • Access the Youtube-like comment section under the AI's interpretation of your dreams. See what other people who've had similar dreams said about it.
What else can people gain by sharing their dreams? We need more motivating factors.
Pulse of society
Having tons of data on people's fears and desires, the network is in position to be able to display on the map what people in specific areas are predominately occupied with.
As it gathers more data on each dreamer, the neural network could attempt to determine where a person currently resides on the Maslow's pyramid of needs.
Showing changes per area over time would be a good indicator whether the area is developing in a positive direction.
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General comments

Shubhankar Kulkarni
Shubhankar Kulkarni2 years ago
Is there a way to know if a person really dreamt what they are describing? This would be useful to keep predators away from entering a group and targeting someone vulnerable. Otherwise, the group could become another dating site.
Alternatively, what if only counselors could create a profile for their patients? They could also view the patient's activity/ progress online.
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jnikola2 years ago
Shubhankar Kulkarni This, as an addition to Darko Savic's great idea, seems like a great AI-driven tool to deal with psychological problems through people's dreams. I also agree that this needs professional guidance and supervision.
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