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A fitness washing machine

Image credit: https://unsplash.com/@janayadasiuk

Deru Xu
Deru Xu Aug 15, 2021
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When I was washing clothes, I thought of the working principle of a pulsator washing machine. The working principle of the pulsator washing machine is that the motor drives the pulsator to rotate through the belt deceleration, and the timer or computer controls the pulsator to agitate the water, detergent and clothes. The laundry is washed in the washing tub under the mechanical action of the rotation of the pulsator and the chemical action of the detergent aqueous solution.

The power source of this washing machine is electric energy. Why not combine a washing machine with a spinning bike? People use their legs to drive a bicycle fixed in place to provide power for the rotation of the motor. It can not only save electric energy, protect the environment, but also achieve the purpose of fitness.
The structure of fitness washing machine can be divided into two types:
  1. Cancel the setting of the motor, and directly connect the bicycle to the pulsator with gears and belts. The advantages are simple structure and low cost. The disadvantage is that this bicycle cannot be moved, so it takes up more space. The speed at which the pulsator rotates varies with the intensity of people's exercise.
  2. Keep the motor, add electromagnetic induction device and battery. The bicycle fixed in place is driven by both legs to provide kinetic energy for the electromagnetic induction device. After the magnetism generates electricity, the storage battery stores electric energy to drive the motor. The advantage is that the rotating speed of the pulsator is fixed; the bicycle device for exercise can be moved and can be separated from the washing machine in order to reduce the space occupation. The disadvantage is that this washing machine is expensive.
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Gamification of such a machine

Povilas S
Povilas S Aug 15, 2021
At first, I was skeptical that this would work in terms of washing the clothes properly, but the more I think about it, the more it seems that it could and that it could be developed into a really cool product.

What it would take is to build such a system as sort of a game, it could be real fun - to wash the clothes properly you'd have to follow the instructions on the monitor carefully, you'd first have to pedal slowly at a precise speed, to rinse the clothes, then maybe stop at certain times, pedal harder and longer at the washing phase and then finally start pedaling fast and constantly for the system to work as a centrifuge to squeeze the water out of the washed clothes.

I think even the speed and power required for the centrifuge function could be achieved by manually pedaling the bike through the use of various adaptive gears, if not, then the machine could be a hybrid using both manual power from the pedals and the stored electrical power generated by induction or simply taking electricity from the public network.

The machine would show you how you're doing during and after the process, to what extent you're reaching the requirements, and when you have to try harder. The cleanliness of the clothes washed in such a way would directly depend on your game score, so you'd have a motivation to improve every time. To do well it would take not only physical fitness but also the ability to carefully follow the instructions which would train your mental performance and movement coordination as well.

Just like in the case of ordinary washing machines, there would be different programs intended for different types of clothes and different types of washing. They would require different physical strength and mental performance accordingly.
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General comments

Darko Savic
Darko Savic3 years ago
I've seen this done in several ways:
The classic, stationary: https://youtu.be/1hDpUtlnEDA and https://youtu.be/MGemYXOGXJs
A version that you can drive around while washing clothes: https://youtu.be/x594yMPSFqk?t=4
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