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A mobile app that provides food cooking guidance services

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Deru Xu
Deru Xu Aug 13, 2021
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Each country or region has its own special cuisine. The food culture has a long history. People who like to eat food even travel far away and just go to eat their favorite food. There are tens of thousands of types of food in the world. In daily family life, one person does not master many cooking skills. It is difficult to cook new dishes without learning the recipes. During the period of the COVID-19 epidemic, it is a good choice to reduce the time to go out and learn how to make new dishes at home.

I searched for some recipes on the Internet. There are many types of recipes, but it is rather messy. Some recipes are not suitable for people who have never learned to cook. Therefore, it is possible to design a mobile phone software that provides guidance on food production. This software can provide the function of searching recipes online.

The content of the recipes must include the following points:

1. Kitchen utensils for making gourmet food
2. The materials and amount needed to make food
3. The cooking method of making food
4. Detailed methods of making food

In addition, the software can meet people's actual needs. On the one hand, for the types of recipes, the software can classify foods in different countries. If users want to learn to cook foods in a certain country, users can click to enter the food section of that country to browse and learn. On the other hand, for recipes, users can choose voice playback and video playback, so that users can more easily follow the instructions while making delicious food.
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