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A phone feature that lets nearby strangers know what you enjoy talking about

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Darko Savic
Darko Savic Oct 30, 2021
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A Bluetooth-like feature on the phone that indicates the topic(s) of interest you would be open to talking about with strangers around you.
Turning the feature on makes your topics of interest discoverable to people around you. It signals that you are open to casual conversations on the topic.
  • We are social beings yet many find it difficult to talk to new people.
  • For many, "leave me alone" is the default body language even though they wouldn't really mind connecting with new people.
  • In public settings, people tend to escape into their phones, thereby making themselves unavailable to the real world around them.
How it works
A new on/off feature in the phone's quick settings menu. You can add up to 140 characters worth of description.
When the toggle button is enabled, your description is discoverable to people within reach.
People can use their phones to scan the place and see if anyone is up for a chat. They would see something like:
  • <first name> likes to talk about: <whatever was configured>.
  • I like to talk about <whatever>.
  • Talk to me about <whatever>.
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It could also list similarities

Spook Louw
Spook Louw Nov 04, 2021
You could also create a more extensive biography of what you like, listing your favourite movies, music, activities, sports teams, etc.
You would then also be able to scan for nearby users and the app would list things you have in common with them. These could then also be great conversation starters.
I think people who might ordinarily be shy of meeting and talking to strangers might be more willing if they already know they have common interests, that they will understand certain references and that have had some of the same experiences.
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