Facebook PixelA service that grinds and polishes rocky shores into nice beaches so that people don't pave them with concrete
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A service that grinds and polishes rocky shores into nice beaches so that people don't pave them with concrete

Image credit: Adriatic.hr

Darko Savic
Darko Savic Sep 06, 2022
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A service that uses quarry machinery to grind rocky shores into lovely beaches. Thereby making an area more attractive for tourism and increasing the well-being of locals.
  • In many areas, people can buy seaside plots of land for low prices because the adjacent beach is unusable. They could call the grinding company and have the rocky shore converted into something like the header photo.
  • In areas with rocky beaches, people use concrete to make them usable for swimmers. This in turn makes the area look like a port rather than a beach. There should be an alternative.
  • All natural look and feel.
To avoid doing this:

How it works?
The workhorse of a company that offers beach conversion services would be a large excavator with a long hand and a rock grinder extension:

It grinds a rocky shore into a desired shape. When the main grinding is done, the coarse texture is further grinded down with a huge "angle grinder" extension for the excavator. I'm not sure if they exist yet, but it's a pretty straight-forward tech to design. Basically a bigger version of this:
When the excavator is done, the beach should have the desirable shape and be pleasant to walk on. The concrete shores would be avoided. More areas would get nice beaches. The service company would make money.
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