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A VR world for trying different socioeconomic, political, and philosophical systems "in practice"

Image credit: https://www.lbbonline.com/news/how-could-virtual-reality-change-politics

Povilas S
Povilas S Nov 14, 2022
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A simulated VR world where you can see how things work when certain political, socioeconomic, philosophical, ethical, etc. system is in operation.
  • Try out different rules and regulations governing the world and see which version fits you the best.
  • See if your expectations meet the real-life model.
  • The VR element lets you experience the model from within and not just watch it from aside as a strategic game.
  • A test tool for creating a better socioeconomic system and world order in general.
  • A good learning tool to understand from experience how different systems and power structures governing the world work.
  • Give this to people before the elections to make them decide better what they want to see in power.
How it works:
The computer model:
An AI-powered agent-based computer model is first created according to the various pre-set factors. There's a basic "frame" of rules that are intrinsic to the model - physical and biological laws like gravity, survival instincts, conservation laws, basic human psychology, etc. If there are no further rules set, the "agents" - AI-governed representations of an average individual act according to these biological and psychological laws. The virtual world is then chaotic or settles down to some random order after a while.
One could also start with the simulated world order as it is now (in a certain country/region of the world) and modify things from there.
The user then starts setting their own rules on top of the initial frame. This can be as simple as typing "communism" and pressing "apply". The AI-powered system then learns from historical data, supplements it with some statistical manipulations, and presents the outcome. You could also set more detailed scenarios like "0 racism", "20% of the population are racist", "100% of the population eat plant-based food", etc.
I understand that creating an accurate model is very difficult due to the abundance of factors playing a role and intertwining with each other, but I think with AI-powered computer modeling it's possible to approach the approximate outcome if we focus on the most important factors and disregard those likely having little to zero effect.
The interactive part:
Once the user sets the rules they want to experience, they can then use the interactive VR hardware to enter the simulation. It would be cool if the user could change the rules at any point while being in a VR environment, e.g. pause the game, set the rules by using an interactive VR dashboard, their voice, or any other convenient means, wait for the system to recalculate and play on.
Due to the nature of the simulation, this would be more of a one-player game with all other characters simulated by the AI. If two or more real players wanted to engage, they'd have to agree on the same rules governing the simulation at the same time.
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