Facebook PixelCan we remedy the impact of overpopulation without correcting overpopulation?
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Can we remedy the impact of overpopulation without correcting overpopulation?

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Shubhankar Kulkarni
Shubhankar Kulkarni Aug 31, 2020
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Are there ways in which we can remedy the negative impact of overpopulation without correcting the overpopulation?

Policies regarding population control are different in different countries. Having a set of rules that applies to every human to control overpopulation, therefore, seems implausible.

Alternatively, we can counter the problem by thinking of ways that do not involve population control. We can divide the effects of overpopulation into categories and then tackle each issue separately. For example, one of the effects of overpopulation is a shortage of food. This can be remedied by cultivating genetically modified crops that provide a more nutritious yield. This is just one way to look at the problem and solve it. You can also think of solutions that do not need to list the effects but tackle overpopulation itself. For example, colonizing outer space.

Simply listing the negative effects of overpopulation is also useful. Somebody else can come up with a solution for each.
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