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Compiling lectures that are based on the client's immediate environment

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Samuel Bello
Samuel Bello Sep 14, 2021
The idea is to place cameras on the students or pupils as they interact with their environment. The camera will send the recorded footage to an AI or recognition software. The software will determine all the objects in the feed and lectures can be generated for the student to give them more insight into the objects' properties and uses.

I believe such an education system will be quite effective since they are associated with objects in the person's environment. It is easy to remember and understand concepts that are in a person's environment. There is a high chance of applying what has been learnt in the person's environment so that they enjoy the benefits of what they learn at an early stage; this will increase the student's appreciation for education.

The idea was inspired by this idea that says children should be taught about plants at a young age, especially the plants in the child's environment. The proposed solution should solve this problem for plants and other objects that are common in the child's environment but often overlooked in the pupil's curriculum.
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