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Continuous supply of old electronics so kids can disassemble them and learn to build things

Image credit: survivingateacherssalary.com

Darko Savic
Darko Savic Dec 27, 2021
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Foster young engineers by providing kids with a constant source of old donated electronics they can disassemble and play with. Create an engineering workshop/corner for your kid and help them build simple devices out of recycled electric motors, diodes, switches, etc.
  • From my experience, young boys love to disassemble stuff to see what it's made of inside.
  • Instead of buying plastic toys that soon end in a landfill, bring kids donated electronics and let them go wild with a screwdriver.
  • A way to inspire young engineers through play.
  • Teach kids how to reuse electric motors, diodes, switches, gears and build their own battery-powered toys.
  • Teach kids what our stuff is made of.
  • Disassembled electronics are easier to recycle once kids discard them and they move on to trash collection/separation lines.
  • “If you understand what you’re doing, you’re not learning anything.” - Abraham Lincoln
How it works
An online classifieds type of platform where people list stuff they don't need and is safe for kids to dissassemble.
Alternatively, a local facebook group could be used for this purpose if enough people get involved.
Alternatively, someone could provide this as a service locally. They would place ads all over the area saying that they are collecting old electronics for kids' educational purposes. Then drive around and pick stuff up. Catalog and store it at a central warehouse location where parents can come pick things up. Charge a symbolic price (to cover the time/expenses) spent on keeping the repository project alive.
Parents with young boys could make it a habit to browse the local listings and pick something up on a regular basis.
Make your kid an engineering workshop/corner with all the tools they can safely use. Start with screwdrivers and gradually move up to batteries, soldering iron, etc.
If the supply of electronics was abundant, this could also be done in primary school, as part of regular tech education.
Learn how to build some cool stuff by watching online crash courses. Get your kids involved in the building process. Let them do most of the work while you act as an assistant. Otherwise they might get bored:)

Creative contributions

An online repository of post-apocalypse DIY projects

Darko Savic
Darko Savic Dec 27, 2021
Similarly to the video above, create step-by-step build plans for kids to follow. How to build simple robots, tools, etc out of parts that are commonly found in old electronics.
Sell pre-programmed or easily programmable controllers that can be hooked up to parts commonly found in old electronics.
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Use the system to provide electrical components for science clubs in deveoping nations

Contrived _voice
Contrived _voice Jan 01, 2022
Working in science fairs the bigest challenge for students was finding parts. A kid would have a very great idea but the lack of parts meant they couldn't create thier vision despite clearly having the technical know how to do it. The inability to create prevents growth as they never deal with assembly problems. This lack of balance escalates and students loose thier sense of practicality. Using this sytem would allow for a entirely new group of future inventors creating unique solutions to unique problems to emerge.
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Challenge kids to find sustainable alternatives to components of electronics

Oguntola Tobi
Oguntola Tobi Dec 27, 2021
In my opinion, kids have a higher propensity for creativity than adults. In most cases, adults have, over the years, developed a narrow way of thinking. As a result, we cannot always find creative solutions to some of the problems that face us.
This idea provides a way to channel kids' creativity to solve some of the problems posed by electrical components, which are unsustainable,
We can hold contests for kids who like to disassemble and build things where the goal is to come up with sustainable alternatives to certain electrical components. Hindrances such as size should be removed. The kids should be encouraged to find solutions, no matter how clunky and unwieldy they seem.
Subsequently, the solutions that seem promising can be explored by adult, experienced teams to see if they have merit and are applicable on a large, commercial scale.
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