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Delivery service that gives you a few minutes to test the product and decide whether you want to return it

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Darko Savic
Darko Savic Feb 02, 2022
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Delivery service that waits a few minutes for you to test the delivered item and decide whether you want to keep or return it (no questions asked).
  • Some items are not available locally so there is no easy way to see them in person before you buy.
  • Some items need to fitted (clothes, etc) to see if you like them.
  • Some items might be different in person than they appear online.
  • Try before you buy, extended to online shopping.
How it works
When you order something that you need to test before buying (clothes, etc), or you need to check if something meets your requirements, you pay a little extra to cover:
  • A few minutes additional time for the delivery person to wait until you have tested the item
  • Potential return packaging already included in the price
  • If necessary, shipping back to the manufacturer to remove the fingerprints and package the item in new original packaging
The delivery person hands over the package and explains the procedure. You have X minutes to test the item in the presence of the delivery person. If the item needs to be put on (clothes, etc) you still have to unpack it in front of the delivery person, then go test it in private. The delivery person assumes the temporary role of the shop's clerk and is responsible for the items potential return.
Seller's statistics
The more of a certain item the seller sells, the more statistics they gain. Based on the stats the seller decides whether to:
a) Send 2 identical items, one is used (just for testing) and would be returned in any case, the other is brand new. The used item is given to the buyer to test, the new item is given to the buyer if they decide to keep it.
b) Send just a new item. Based on statistics there is a high likelyhood that the buyer will keep it. If they decide not to keep it, the item can be put in new generic packaging or sent back to the manufacturer to beautify as if it was never opened.
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General comments

Spook Louw
Spook Louw2 years ago
I think most online retailers do allow returns. So they might argue that it is not worth the extra time and administration to allow people to test and return products while the delivery driver (often employed by a third party) waits.
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Goran Radanovic
Goran Radanovic2 years ago
I can imagine that more complex testing such as machinery would require quite a bit of time for set up, even trying on several clothing items.
An alternative could be a courier that's dedicated to delivering just samples. A customer pays for the delivery of the sample, but the delivery person doesn't wait. That way, the customer has ample time to test the item. If they like it, they can opt for purchasing the sample item at a discount price.
If they don't, the delivery person collects when they're in the area doing other deliveries. That way, the customer doesn't pay for shipping the item back. If they want to order it, the delivery person collects the sample when they deliver the purchased item. The customer will have to pay for the delivery of the purchased item, but that's offset by the shipping costs they would've paid for sending the item back if this service doesn't exist.
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jnikola2 years ago
Spook Louw I am afraid that this will not work since the delivery companies are on a tight schedule. Plus, returning to the warehouse with a truck full of returned items is an additional problem. I think it could be easier for the sellers and delivery companies to just accept returns anytime in the next month or two and deal with it as an independent shipment. Not to mention the pressure of you needing to try the product in few minutes while the delivery guy awaits :D
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