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Develop a proof of concept for out of body experiences

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Marco Agudelo Jun 15, 2022
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Can we develop a proof of concept that validates out-of-body experiences?
Imagine society isn't bound to space in time, capable of having out of body experiences. That wouldn't be enough to change our perspective about our world and around us?
To be capable for humans to experience at will, out of body experiences can be subject to a proof of concept, in a manner that through a logical / science / by any means / establishes proof of viability and sets principles of how to make it accessible to people. And if, only if through a proof of concept, obe turns out to be not viable or real for humans, this could help to cease once and for all the subject of projecting yourself in such a manner.
If this kind of experience is real, viable and trainable, maybe in the near future most of the people will use it. This will contribute one step as society, because of the capacity of being above social consumming needs, and being able to focus on living borderless. What would it mean to be earthers?
How it works
The brainstorm session here would be on how to establish through rigorous method a proof of the OBE's for humans, and if so, how to make it happen.
One should be able to respond to questions as if real then:
  • Of what nature is the change in position perceived during OBEs?
  • How does time change while space translation?
  • What of your being is or are connected during the process and how to measure?
And so, how can one elaborate a "proof of concept test" to estimate at least a percentage of viability upon the subject of out of body experiences self projection.
Take this book for example about “searching for truth to emerge out of conflict of opinions”, could it be that by applying those laws of thought, can be possible to elaborate this proof of concept?
What other methods do you suggest? Do you think it is feasible or is it to dig too deep into ourselves? would it be good for society?

[1]George Boole, November 1853; An investigation of the laws of thought, on which are founded the mathematical theories of logic and probabilities. https://www.gutenberg.org/files/15114/15114-pdf.pdf

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