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Spook Louw
Spook Louw May 23, 2021
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I have an idea for a service that composes a complete biography for all subscribers.

Essentially, a group of ghostwriters and researchers would manage the biographies of all subscribers. Upon signing up, customers would get to meet with the team, give them all the information, photos and videos they need and the writers would then create a personalized webpage dedicated to the customer's life.

While a once-off service like that could work, the most attractive part of the idea for me is the option of continuation. Subscribers could have check-ins with their teams to update the information on a semi-regular basis. The team would then, in essence, be chronicling your life as you live it.

Apart from the emotional value that a service like this could have, both for you in your old age, as well as for your loved ones after you pass away, I imagine that it could play a huge part in recording history. We simply need to look to the past to realize that we don't know much about the lives of normal people. The only ones immortalized in writing have been the extraordinary. Kings, queens, writers, heroes and villains all get their story told, but not much is known about normal people, which means we are definitely missing some amazing stories. A service like that could give future researches an unprecedented glimpse into the lives of everyone.
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New feature idea: An up-to-date professionally tailored CV

jnikola May 23, 2021
I really like the idea, but I am still searching for the real purpose for which specifically, I myself would use it.

At first, I was thinking about things like
1) "who would like to give all their info to a third party which will then present it to everybody and actually pay for it" (privacy issues)
2) wouldn't it be more accurate if you wrote it yourself by freely available biography templates?
3) how different would it be from the Facebook profile (it allows you to fill your profile, gives you suggestions for the profile updates, keeps track of the events in your life, ...)...

But then I realized that
1) we give all our data for free (social media),
2) we are often biased and unprofessional
3) it actually can easilly have features that I would use:

The up-to-date tailored resume at any time for any purpose!

Imagine having a page like this where you can choose a resume template, filter your life events by filter such as "education" (gives you all schools, colleges, faculties, courses you followed/have been enrolled in), "work/sales" (gives you all jobs you have done related to "sales"), "management (gives you all managerial courses, schools, jobs, projects and other events)" and get a fully specialized and professional CV in a minute!

With all the above-mentioned values mentioned above, this one would make a difference in my life by saving time usually spent on repeated CV creation.
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Spook Louw
Spook Louw3 years ago
I also thought about the privacy issues, but these would be less intrusive than the social media apps we already use. You can have a page containing your biography which could be password protected so only you, the team and the people you allow to look at it could access it.

While I agree that we could do it ourselves, we've always been able to and yet most of us don't. That shows that it just takes too much effort or that people don't think they have the writing abilities needed to tell their stories. So there is definitely a gap in the market there, as it means that there are many stories left untold.

While Facebook profiles do keep an account of your life, it isn't really the same as a biography, the service would be tailored to tell your story, whereas sites like Facebook are more of a quick glimpse without context.

I like the way you're thinking about combining it with professional value such as cv creation, but there are already many sites that keep a record of your work experience and that can produce an up to date cv within seconds.
The value of a site like the one I am proposing would be more sentimental. It would be something for you to reflect on or something that you can leave for your family to remember you.

That said, if you've lived an interesting and eventful life, and the information is curated well, there's no reason why you wouldn't be able to sell your story.
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Inheritance and family trees

Spook Louw
Spook Louw May 23, 2021
Parents could also get subscriptions for their children, meaning that, when they are old enough to take on the subscription for themselves, their entire lives would have been documented in detail up to that point. This means that within a generation of starting the company, we could have a subscriber whose life has been completely and accurately covered by the service.
These websites could then be linked to those of the people involved in a subscriber's life, essentially creating a network of biographies that could be valuable when trying to determine someone's lineage or when one simply wants to find out about your family.

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Different levels

Spook Louw
Spook Louw May 23, 2021
The service could be offered in a couple of different ways in order to accommodate everyone. The cheaper version could be a once-off deal, where the team gathers all the information they can from you and compile your biography, the second tier could mean that there are scheduled updates where you meet with the team to give them new information which they then need to incorporate. Finally, the most expensive options could include the team doing their own research, speaking to people who know you, taking photos of you and things like that. This would be akin to the biographies written about celebrities, as it could have a team dedicated to your website.

In this way, everyone could have their stories documented for a relatively affordable price, while those who are interested can have an in-depth depiction of their lives.
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There are billions of stories out there

Spook Louw
Spook Louw May 23, 2021
Consider projects like Humans of New York, it started off as a photography project and exploded over the last 10 years simply because the photographer, Brandon Stanton, realized that pretty much everyone has a story to tell.
So if he's able to do that with a couple of photos and a short interview, imagine what we'd be able to produce if we had an entire team dedicated to it.
For every fictional idea that becomes a huge Hollywood success, there are dozens of real-life events with even more drama, heartbreak, action, comedy, adventure, romance and even horror. We haven't even begun to tap into reality as a source of amazing stories. I honestly believe that every one of us has a story in us. So why die without having anyone hear it?
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Brand new social media platform?

Spook Louw
Spook Louw May 27, 2021
My conversation with Juran led me to this idea for a Biographical social media platform.

Ideally, we would be able to create a platform for people to track their own biographical details and help each other build a full account of their lives thus far.

If executed correctly it would focus on users' history, rather than follow the current social media platform which is built on trends and popularity.

Except for being a great way to share your personal stories without the help of a team of writers, it might even be a great, healthy alternative to the social platforms that are currently available.
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