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How can society adapt to coexisting with sociopaths?

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Darko Savic
Darko Savic Nov 01, 2021
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How can people coexist with sociopaths without being exploited?
I imagine that many people don't know much about sociopathy which makes the problem worse.

Creative contributions

Club for sociopaths

Aashi Agarwal
Aashi Agarwal Nov 02, 2021
Similar to gambling at casinos what if there was a nightclub that welcomes sociopaths and openly advertises this? Neurotypical people would be welcome to the club while knowing fully well that chances of running into a sociopath at this club would be high. There could be numerous games and events like Poker arranged by the club where manipulation could be a key component. Each member of the club could be assigned a rank based on their profile (their profile would contain details they wish to disclose publicly) and other could scan this information and request to play with people of a certain rank. Each time a member outsmarts someone of their same rank or higher, they move up the ladder. By bringing together people on the same spectrum, in an arrangement where the game is to manipulate and deceive others, the sociopaths would find competition and make things more interesting for them. At the same time, it would keep naïve people out of their way for most part of it. Since there is no definite treatment for people suffering from Antisocial Personality Disorder and most experts advice people dealing with sociopaths to have tips and tricks up their sleeves to safeguard themselves from such people, it might be beneficial to provide sociopaths a platform to unleash their exploitative side by competing with people who are moved by the same tendencies as they themselves are. Having an outlet for their compulsive need to manipulate by gamifying it might lead to less harm caused by them in the outside world.
  • Might provide sociopaths with an impetus to manipulate and deceive others.
  • Provides a place where sociopaths can feel accepted and be themselves.
  • Reduce a sociopath’s interaction with neurotypical people (non-sociopaths) when they are feeling most vulnerable and not in control of their instincts.
  • Help sociopaths become more self-aware.
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Find and mentor

Darko Savic
Darko Savic Feb 09, 2022
This idea proposes a 6-month paid training period before people enter into the workforce. Young adults who are about to get their first job should first undergo a 6-months compassion training. Without it, no employer would be allowed to employ the person.
During the training, sociopathic/psychopathic traits would become evident. Such people get transferred to different jobs where more suitable mentors work on minimizing the likelihood that they turn out to be dangerous/parasitic to society later in life.
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Reward empathic behavior

jnikola Nov 02, 2021
As described in the video from the session description, sociopaths have a reduced/non-existing feeling of empathy.
What if society found a way of rewarding empathic behavior more than it does now?
Can it somehow be put in front of other skills?

My ideas are:
  • creating a non-profit organization that focuses on teaching people what kind of things they can do for the needed ones
  • anonymous rating and giving a person an "empathy score" which is calculated via its volunteering activity, basic acts of kind (nice gestures in the train, in the class, at work), and rewarding it accordingly at school, work, etc.
  • one person in the class or at work could be trained to keep track of these acts and handle a simple database of social engagement of each individual - the need for a standardized rating scheme
  • social media algorithm that track user activity on the Web and find patterns of sociopath behaviour; later suggests atricles and content that provokes empathy
There is also a session dealing with this in a form of an app.
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actingcat2 years ago
what kind of organisation ,is it religious or is it some kind of therapy because sociopathy is some kind of warped behaviour. what should be entailed in the promoted line of thought in the institution?
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jnikola2 years ago
actingcat I think we have enough religious organizations. The one I am thinking about would be indirectly therapeutical, but for the whole society. Since I still didn't think of a specific idea that would target the critical behavior of sociopaths, I searched the platform for some cool, read-worthy ideas for you to get the feeling of where I wanted to go with this:
  • Empathy increasing app
  • Positive propaganda for increasing empathy
  • Introducing the "sonder feeling" to society
  • Sharing knowledge through bonding with the local community
  • Good deeds bring good stuff
  • Motivating people to do things together and for the others
  • Rewarding good deeds
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A few Buddhist monks could temporarily convert their monastery into an education center for sociopaths

Darko Savic
Darko Savic Nov 02, 2021
I wonder what a bunch of Buddhist monks could come up with if they were tasked with temporarily converting their monastery into an education center for sociopaths.
They would first learn everything there is to know about sociopathy then come up with an education program and experiment with a few volunteer sociopaths.
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Mikhail Korsanov
Mikhail Korsanov May 29, 2022
  1. There are empathic sociopaths. The core difference between sociopaths and normotypic people, is not empathy, but measure of egoism/altruism. You can feel and well-understand feelings of other people, while having no compassion. That is the real sociopathy.
  2. As for empathy, there are trainings that teach people to feel and understand feelings of other people, even without watching them. Why not applying these trainings to people who lack empathy.
  3. I would teach all children and adults how to be strong in self-confidence, recognize and stand for their best interests. Also, I would teach a basic kit of counteraction template so all types of manipulations. Also, I would let go through https://goo.su/IB7 (please Google translate the description) to every teen and adult, for all kinds of life problems, including pressing and manipulations from sociopaths. Finally, I would make it obligatory for everyone to pass through tests to reveal potentially dangerous personality types. For those who are dangerous or hurting for others, I would give a free training for adaptation of the personal traits to be socially appropriate. Until success, such people should have a special mark in their ID by the law and notify other people about their personal traits potentially dangerous for others in the beginning of relationships, job or business contact. This is just like when you have a fighting dog breed, this is a weapon, and you have to take measures of caution to preven harm to others.
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