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Mural to incentivize athletes or celebrities to support public protests and uprisings

Image credit: unsplash.com (Alex Paganelli)

Miloš Stanković Dec 06, 2021
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Why: Recently I saw quite a few questions about how to incentivize celebrities to back the people in public protests.
Obviously, their words of support would mean a lot in climates where the regime holds the mass media, it could also get the limelight on the problem from outside of the country.
Celebs, particularly athletes often get honoured by murals, so I thought of an art piece that would shame celebs into action.
To avoid the real-life mess that inspired me and keep it theoretical, let's say the Irish are protesting pollution and have been beaten by the police and masked hooligans paid by the regime.
So the mural would have a big Conor McGregor figure getting uplifted by the people, praised, adored as he was in his rise to fame. Particularly relevant for his success, yet there is the audience/people element in every major athlete's career, be it by the sheer numbers for their social media presence that they sell to marketers, or by actual live game support and buying their merchandise. It applies similarly to actors and singers.
As the big lavish McGregor figure is being adored by the crowd, rows of smaller-drawn humans, with them wearing his shirts, tweeting at him, yelling support. The rows in the back are getting darker and darker in colour. The last rows are suffocating in pollution, coughing while getting beaten by the police and masked hooligans with bats.
Somewhat similar in concept to this, albeit more horizontal.

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Dragan Otasevic
Dragan Otasevic Dec 06, 2021
Playing the devil's advocate, a few thoughts come to mind:
  • They might not want to get involved
  • They might not agree with the protesters
  • They can't hide in the masses and would feel the full wrath of the govt. they would be rising against
Dragging them in with a mural is not unlike what cancel culture does. "Either you are with us or we will point fingers at you which will take a toll on your social status."
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Miloš Stanković2 months ago
- Well the mural is there to show why they should care and to spur their desire to get involved. Not just of the individual in the mural, but of other celebs.
A great artist could find a way to fuse multiple celeb faces together, or even to leave the face space empty, and use elements like a basketball ball or football or microphone to showcase the professions of typical celebs. In order not to get too personal or specific that might make one person the scapegoat and the other slide from responsibility.
- It's hard imagining a person that doesn't agree with pollution protests, aside from fossil-fuel moguls. Although I can imagine some divisive protests. In that case, the mural can at least make them be a part of the public discourse.
The most important aspect of my post was the police and paid masked hooligans beating civilians on government orders. If a public figure is ok with that, it's better to be known and they should lose support. I don't think it's close to cancelling someone over a joke from five years ago.
- The main reason the government can inexcusably go at the common man is that he is voiceless. Superstar celebrities are not. They often live abroad, have millions, and could muster the help of the broader public and their massive organisations like the NBA to put pressure on the government. Several of them doing it combined - that would be a massive compound effect.
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NFTs with a powerful message

J. Nikola Dec 10, 2021
I like the idea of a mural because it's an everyday thing that "lives" within the community. But, at the same time, it only affects people that see it. Also, people passing by it every day could feel the impact of their community "hero", but could also get very used to it. I am not saying it couldn't work, but even if it ends up in popular magazines, it's a message with limited coverage and it will probably "fade" over time.
Maybe a current trend, NFTs, could help. If an artist creates powerful digital art showing the same thing as a mural, it's more likely to go viral and affect much more people!
I know that some problems are meant to stay local, but it's just a suggestion for those things that affect everyone.
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Miloš Stanković2 months ago
I thought of a mural because athletes often get honoured with them and usually end up posing in front of them for photos. Or they at least retweet or post the photo of a mural on their Instagram. So they do usually end up finding out about them on social media alone after they go viral.
I don't think NFTs are on most athletes and regular celebrities radar as of yet. Although, certainly, those can help spread the message further.
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J. Nikola2 months ago
Miloš Stanković I like the Adesanya tweet :)
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Miloš Stanković2 months ago
Juranium I'm literally wearing a Whittaker shirt today, but Adesanya popped up first and it is a great mural.
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