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No smartphone day

Image credit: Марьян Блан

Povilas S
Povilas S Aug 31, 2020
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General comments

Juran6 months ago
Nice idea! I will share with you something I experienced. I was a participant on a 10-day project where the idea was to disconnect from everything and reconnect with yourself again. The first day, we put in a safe all the tech we got (phones, laptops, tablets, cameras, watches) and got only one clock per room. The next day, half of the people were late on a morning session, some people had serious problems missing their families and friends, got a bit depressed and bored. After a few days, things became interesting and interactive, we talked a lot, discussed and solved some local problems and in the end, everybody confirmed it was an amazing feeling to be without the technology. It was an incredible experience, but for people who applied for that project and wanted to participate. For the others, one No smartphone day should be a nice start.
Povilas S
Povilas S6 months ago
This is what feels to me like traveling to another reality or at least another decade already - restraining from technology. And that's an interesting experience to have and I think many people would like to try that for shorter or longer periods, especially if it would be done in a social environment where they would be encouraged to communicate directly and find ways to entertain themselves without using technology or at least recent technology. That's basically what you experienced. But if those kind of activities would become a fashion of some sort (like veganism or eco products are in fashion now) and many people would start doing that like on a weekend with their friends, then that would really have a powerful impact on society and I think it's a matter of advertising it and encouraging people to try to do it.
Darko Savic
Darko Savic6 months ago
Promoting a day like this could be done by a higher net-worth corporation as a marketing campaign (on par with Coca-Cola's Christmas domination). A corporation that is in line with mental health, natural lifestyle, organic/bio/eco food, or something in that direction
Povilas S
Povilas S6 months ago
But let's say you choose some big eco company, how do you get them to promote the idea? Do you just write to them and say, hey look I've got an idea, do you want to promote it?
Anja M
Anja M6 months ago
Needless to say this would definitely be helpful. :) However, since smart technology's surrounding us so much (both as a necessity and a side-effect), perhaps it would be smart (pun intended) to promote the idea of one day per month somehow. For example, every 29th of the month, June being the "new year". Maybe having something fixed as a date, for the starters, would help people remember it and note it easily: even if the irony of syncing their calendars to notify of the day at midnight is the initial cost. :)