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Practical Augmented Reality glasses for feedback on physical activity performance

Image credit: Photo by Barbara Olsen from Pexels

Contrived _voice
Contrived _voice Jan 23, 2022
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My principle is simple is always better. Sunglasses that connect with your fitness app or their own app. That glasses display various physical properties as you move via a laser that displays this data on the inner side of the glasses.
have you ever gone on a run with the music playing on the earphones? you're starting to get in the zone when the navigation feature chimes in "turn right in 10 feet" and just like that your concentration is broken, now you have to start all over again. Similarly, Constantly checking your Fitbit takes away from the experience of running.
The market has an existing Augmented reality solution but the two I found had too much going on which made them for one expensive and distracting which destroys the whole point of the glasses.
  1. Nike
  2. Sensoria
How it works
I found this really interestin DIY laser guidance system. And here the idea begins. the comment section was also full of ideas on how to impove the setup.
The glasses connect to your phone and using a similar method project data on speed, navigation, time and distance left to be covered. I don't think you need any more than that. A code would have to be created to correct images from getting crossed and blurry due to the telescopic nature of vision. The inner side of the glasses would also need a filter to prevent relection of sharp light back into your eyes. The outer side could be tinted to block out light even more. Using one-way glass would be preffered.
  1. Could be used while running to pace yourself as well as navigation
  2. Skating is hard and checking directions on your phone is risky and you crash into things, The glasess could really help on that end. Downhill skating is also dangerous and I think fewer people would be willing to do it if they knew how fast they were actually going.
  3. Hiking- most phones can sense altitude and i think it would boost morale if you could actually see your progress. It starts to feel like you're not going anywhere once you've climbed for 4 hours and you still haven't made it to a rest stop.
  4. Taking away unnecessary features and complex visual code a product has more use to more people as well as reducing cost making it more affordable.
  5. Augmented reality was supposed to be the stepping stone to virtual reality. An actual practical product that focusses on utility instead of novelty is easier to sell at this point since almost everyone know's what virtual reality is now.
I however have no experience in the technical hardware required to build it ,so any ideas on that would be a big help.
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General comments

Danny Weir
Danny Weir2 years ago
I have been thinking about this idea for a couple of days and I definitely think it could work. I can foresee Google Glass becoming a huge part of our lives in the future and fitness apps will definitely be part of their popularity. We are shifting to an AR world and visual stimulation is becoming more and more important. The Metaverse will only enhance this.
A few ideas:
  • As long as the glasses are fashionable and practical, they will sell. A lot of long distance runners like to wear glasses (myself included) to not onlt protect the eyes from harmful UV but also to create a more comfortable visual atmosphere.
  • It could be so useful during marathons as the pacing can be constantly updated for the user without it being a mental space interruption.
  • It could also be linked in with heatlth apps to give updates on hydration, sugar and salt levels.
  • Could possibly integrate a spotlight system so they can be used at night also?
  • Voice activation could also be useful so that it is not necessary to spend time fiddling with the glasses.
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Povilas S
Povilas S2 years ago
As I understand you suggest that the laser would project information (images, words, numbers, etc.) on the inner side of the lens of the glasses (right next to your eye)? Is that right? If so, where would the laser be located to project on the lens? The most convenient spot to place the mini laser would then be somewhere in the middle of the temple. Is that the idea or did I misunderstand something?
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Contrived _voice
Contrived _voice2 years ago
Povilas S It could be possible to put it on both then program a grid on the lenses where the beams cross and an image is mapped. I reckon you would have to angle them slightly toward each other for that to happen, so boring them into it or using them as part of the frame is practical.
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Povilas S
Povilas S2 years ago
Contrived _voice Why do you prefer lasers over a lense-screen to simply display images like it's done in the videos that you linked?
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Contrived _voice
Contrived _voice2 years ago
Povilas S Aesthetic choice mostly if i'm being honest, The lasers have a limit to what you can display so that'd force you to only display the essentials. It's a force toward utilility rather than give you more than you need then charge you more than you can afford. I was at an event once where they used lasers to mark pathways and someone mentioned how the code wasn't that complex. So I thought ,simple design, simple interface and simple product would appeal to some people,
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