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Regularly changing restaurant ambiance

Image credit: Pexels from Pixabay

Shireesh Apte
Shireesh Apte Jun 07, 2022
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To keep customers interested in coming back regularly to the restaurant.
How it would work
The restaurant would be equipped with projector(s) that would project different themes on all the (bare) walls every week. For example; medieval, western, renaissance, modern, industrial, revolutionary, war, culinary, sports, mountains, agriculture, cultural.... The video would cycle every (say) 1.5 hours and could be made up of snippets of documentaries, movies, media edited together (so as to run for 1.5 hours). The sound would be reminescent of the theme and would be sub-decibel so as to still enable conversation among restaurant guests. There would still be windows/patios etc. for those patrons who do not desire a fully immersive experience. The meals served would roughly parallel the theme projected. The model could be franschised so as to overcome copyright and/or other issues.
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General comments

jnikola2 years ago
Hi! Great idea! I recently had a similar experience and therefore I strongly support your idea. A friend of mine, a huge James Bond fan, called four of us to watch a new movie at his place. Not only it was a cool cinematic experience, but every time James Bond drank something, we drank the same (my friend is a cocktail master). He was also dressed the same (or the most similar way) as James Bond in the movie all the time, telling us fun facts about the movie, the actors and the correlation with the book. Great experience!
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Shireesh Apte
Shireesh Apte2 years ago
J. Nikola Thanks. The holding company would only need to sell the projector, associated equipment, and the content to the franchisees.
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