Facebook PixelA vegan restaurant known for serving chickens and rabbits alive so that customers can take them home to release
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A vegan restaurant known for serving chickens and rabbits alive so that customers can take them home to release

Image credit: InsomniaDoodles, Reddit

Darko Savic
Darko Savic Jul 11, 2022
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A chain of vegan restaurants known for serving chicken, rabbits, and other small animals. But not as food. The customers get to take the animals home and/or release them into the wild.
  • Help some beings that can't help themselves.
  • Brand recognition. Marketing with viral potential for the company.
How it works
The restaurant chain buys the animals from local farms and slaughterhouses, still alive.
Anyone ordering chicken/rabbit/fish meat from the menu can either go for:
  1. A cheaper option is to take the animal with them. If so, they get it in a carry box alongside the food bill. They are charged a wholesale price - the actual cost the restaurant paid for the animal.
  2. Or they can pay extra to have the animals relocated to specially created shelters where they are taken care of in conditions mimicking the wilderness while providing safety from predators.
Any restaurant customer (regardless of whether they are buying meat) can add a small donation that helps care for the animals in these wilderness shelters. Anyone can visit and potentially pet the animals there. Anyone can verify that their animal is actually where it's supposed to be.
Creative contributions

A slightly different approach - vegan restaurant in an animal sanctuary from which you can adopt an animal

Povilas S
Povilas S Jul 11, 2022
As I understand you have in mind that the restaurant would "serve" live animals alongside many vegan dishes? It wouldn't be just a place where you can get a live animal and nothing else right?
The idea is good, but it's practically a bit complicated in its original form. Such a restaurant would have to be an animal shelter at the same time, so you'd need a big space for this, somewhere on the outskirts of the city, etc. This is because vegans care about animals a lot, so the animals kept on the premises of the restaurant, waiting to be bought should preferably be kept in the best conditions possible. They should be well taken care of because if no one buys an animal for long, it can't be kept in a cage or in any bad conditions, this would upset the customers a lot.
So an option to place the animal in an animal sanctuary by paying for it is a tricky one, cause preferably the animals should directly go where they'd be best taken care of, and halting them in a restaurant only seems like an unnecessary in-between stop that should be avoided. I think some vegans would see it that way - that the restaurant is making business at the expense of the animals.
Arguably the only better scenario for rescued farm animals rather than being in a sanctuary is if someone "adopts" them into a pet. So I propose that's what the restaurant would offer - to adopt animals as pets. The more animals the sanctuary has the more resources it needs to sustain itself, so if good people adopt some of their animals as pets they'd be happy. The adoption might be free or might be for a price.
I also propose not using the approach of putting animals on the menu and buying them in a similar manner you buy food. This is also likely to cause resentment for some. A restaurant could perhaps have the "adoption menu" with pictures, names, and personalized descriptions of the animals, but without prices. You could talk with a staff member if you considered adopting some animal seen on the "menu".
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General comments

Miloš Stanković
Miloš Stanković2 years ago
I would love for this to happen only to see meat-eaters buy the chicken and take it home for them to be lunch. A bit of tasty trolling.
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Darko Savic
Darko Savic2 years ago
Miloš Stanković I'm guessing many people wouldn't eat meat if they had to kill and clean it themselves
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