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Sample construction materials delivery service to teach kids handyman skills

Image credit: Photo by: Victoria Borodinova (Pexels)

Miloš Stanković
Miloš Stanković May 06, 2022
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A service delivering packages with sample construction materials to homes for the purpose of educating kids and teens in being handier with tools.
  • A way to train your kids on how to be handier with tools without the risk of them doing damage to the actual property.
  • Cultivating independence in kids and teens.
  • Cover all possible home tasks that might come up in their future, not just the ones you have the need for now.
How it works:
A package containing a brick, a cinder block or just one half of it, a hollow brick, some common wood samples, a tarp, different types of dowels, and different types of screws gets delivered to a home. The parent then teaches the kids how to measure spots, align, drill, put in dowels, attach screws, and glue things. There are Do It Yourself courses for kids available, but this is a way for it to be available to anyone regardless of geography.
The reasoning behind the idea is that often times people let their fathers do the work because they know how to. As an inexperienced or young person attempting to drill in the home might end up making mistakes that could damage the walls. As they don't know how the drill reacts to contact with bricks, how much pressure you need to apply... Causing the need for more work in the future.
With the package, you get practice for the real thing. I guess the delivery would be pricey due to the weight, but the materials themselves are quite cheap as they would be bought in bulk. You could have multiple tiers for packages too.
This service can be used by adults who didn't learn these things on time. Sort of like handymen training wheels. Instructions could be glued to the material or have a QR code that links to a YouTube tutorial playlist.
Recently, a YouTube channel of a man teaching "dad skills" to others who didn't have a dad to teach them, like he didn't have, blew up. So there's definitely a need for this.
What else would the package need to contain?
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