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Self-cringe to promote self-correction through greater self awareness

Image credit: Photo by Pragyan Bezbaruah from Pexels

Contrived _voice
Contrived _voice Feb 07, 2022
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The past few years have shown an increase in 'meta' media. Media designed to be aware of its own self-reflection. As society reflects media, the development of self cringe is something I've found interesting, being able to teach a community to feel second-hand embarrassment on top of regular embarrassment for their actions forcing an individual to take action to self-correct.
Common sense is how we learn what is socially acceptable. However, we live in a society that is breaking the borders of what is "socially acceptable" further each day. Saying "this" works and "that" doesn't end up coming across as bigoted and is frowned upon. The solution to this is a way to hold yourself to your belief without becoming a typeset.
How it works
Initially I was trying to find out how certain groups on the internet seem to have taught themselves another level of self awareness through satire and communication with nuances that seem almost naturally ocurring. While digging into one of these comunities that pride themselves on not persecuting anyone, I noticed the lack of an option to tell others off for their behavior forced its members to control themselves since that was the only thing they had control over. Undesirable behavior is labelled cringe and everyone just tries to avoid being the cringey element of the group. Since you don't want other members discovering your cringe, you set out to identify and stop your own cringe, monitoring every aspect of your interaction with other people.
Once you understand that people who share the same beliefs and interests as you can do disgusting things, It opens up the possibility that YOU too can do the same thing. Once that thought process is in place it becomes easier to correct behavior since you can always tell when you start falling out of the ideal behavior that you want. It also makes it easier to self-internalize correction instead of labelling everyone with a deffering opinion as a hater, you understand you can be wrong now.
Consequently, Being able to view yourself objectively will make you realize you're not perfect and maybe start accomodating other people more.
It's fascinating how you can teach an abstract topic like thought process using just memes. It's a strong argument for a post literate society.
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Additional tools to self-cringe

jnikola Feb 07, 2022
I agree with you that we have a problem perceiving what's the "standard" in our society. Common sense does a good job of learning us what's socially acceptable until the "common" becomes undesirable itself.
Here are some existing tools on how we can self-reflect and self-cringe:
  • Interregional, international and intercultural exchanges
Self-awareness and objective perception of what's socially acceptable can be easily highlighted by moving to a different environment, where different social norms exist. With the increasing number of students doing student or youth exchanges in different countries, people generally became more aware of what's "normal" in their society, but not in some other, and could therefore shape their behavior through by self-cringe. The phenomenon can sometimes be seen in simple region-to-region travel, too (village-big cities).
  • "On this day" feature on social networks
We often bump into cringe post or a photo that we published some years ago and feel embarasssed. Social networks should focus not only on showing the "highlighted" posts with the most likes and comments, but also the forgotten ones, which reveal the true nature of ourselves.
  • "Dear diary"
Another way of self-reflecting is writing a diary. People who write diaries often show more success in social interaction and mental , as well as physical health . If writing would be combined with reading it from time to time, the results would probably be even better.



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An idea of "self-mirroring" - filming yourself 24/7

jnikola Feb 07, 2022
What if we put a "mirror" in front of us and continued living life as we used to?
Seeing every facial expression, body movement, or hearing our every spoken word could make us see ourselves more objectively. That way we could observe the same way we observe other people and shape our behavior to match the "socially-accepted" one.
Could it be therapeutic? Could it be used to treat serious mental disorders, sociopathy, target narcissism?
How would it work?
For the beginning, we could just tape ourselves to hear all our conversations during the day. The next level could be hiring someone to film us during one week, all day and night. The most important thing would be that no one knows they are filmed, so they can act naturally. I am still not sure how could this be done, but I'll let you know if I think of something.
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