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Self-service film and television creation platform

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Deru Xu
Deru Xu Jul 27, 2021
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We have watched a lot of TV shows, movies, novels, and have a lot of great works, and got very high ratings or box office. There are many reasons for this. On the one hand, the plots of movies, TV series, and novels are very good, attracting a lot of attention; on the other hand, there are actors we like in the works.
Therefore, why not create such a film and television platform? People can watch classic TV series or movies through this platform, or they can create new works through the platform. There are two ways to create new works. The first way is classic. A single author or team can independently complete and publish their own works on the platform. The other is that the first person publishes the first chapter of the work, and then everyone can participate in the plot creation. Perhaps each plot is created by a different person, and everyone can become the screenwriter of this movie. If there are many people who create different plots, professional judges can score each person's plot, and everyone will vote to produce the final plot. After all plots are determined, a complete work can be formed. In the creative process, if the actor also has his favorite work, he can submit an application to participate in the script performance, and the final determination of the role can also be determined by everyone’s vote. Everyone can choose their favorite actor to participate in their own creation. movie of. The filming of the script can be outsourced to a professional film and television company, or it can be crowdfunded for filming.
Of course, you can also receive some advertisements appropriately. After the work is released, the income generated by the work will be distributed in proportion to the contribution of the platform, all creators, actors, staff involved in the filming, and film and television companies or teams involved in the creation.
At the same time, pay attention to the following points:
  1. The platform should pay attention to reviewing the legality of the content of literary and artistic works;
  2. The platform should ensure the fairness of all creative processes;
  3. The published work should not be vulgar
This is a rough idea. I will continue to improve it, and welcome comments on whether it is feasible.
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