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Solar-powered drones that scout the deserts for people and check if they need help

Image credit: Alta Devices Solar Powered UAV

Darko Savic
Darko Savic May 17, 2022
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Solar-powered drones scan the deserts for people. When a person is found somewhere they likely don't want to be, the drone is used as a 2-way radio so they can ask for help.
Watch over people in areas where they are likely to get in trouble. Unsolicited search and rescue missions.
How it works
Solar-powered drones continuously scan the deserts for anything resembling people that might need help. The flights focus on areas where people are not expected to be seen.
If people are found, the drone reports their whereabouts and lowers itself to where 2-way audio can be established between an operator and the person on the ground.
Solar-powered drones that can stay in the air for a year already exist:

Then there are vertical take off and landing drones that can cover big distances but also hover in place when necessary.

2-way communication
The ability to hover above people is necessary to make 2-way communication possible. A drone that detects people in areas where they aren't expected and thus may be lost will switch to hover mode and approach them. An operator can then use the drone as a two-way radio to talk to people and see if they need help.
A microphone and speakers are built into the drone. A directed microphone that only picks up sound from below is used in order to prevent motor sounds from interfering with communication.
Water and pop-up shelter
If the person on the ground requires water and shelter from the sun, another fast cargo drone is dispatched to deliver the payload before the help gets there. A bottle of water and a pop-up shelter is delivered.
Potential use of artillery
There might be a way for the help package (water, food and shelter) to be shot at the location with precise artillery and land with a small parachute.

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General comments

Michaela D
Michaela D2 years ago
Your idea takes this desert drone to the next level by adding solar power. Also, apparently, drones that use thermal imaging are utilized to rescue missing people in mountains, forests, etc...
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