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VR move-around videos of locations you could otherwise never see

Image credit: UTFIC / Youtube

Darko Savic
Darko Savic Feb 03, 2022
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An initiative that lets people crowd-source funds to create VR scans of places that are inaccessible and could otherwise never be experienced.
Experience places you could otherwise never experience.
How it works
People suggest places that they wish to explore in 3D via VR goggles and/or 3d youtube video. They get to move around and explore places that are otherwise inaccessible.
For example, you will never get to swim around the rods inside a nuclear reactor pool:

Crowd-sourced funds to make it happen
People then vote on suggestions by pledging money to those they would like to experience. A trusted party asssesses the approximate cost for each suggestion and sets the goal amount.
They then uses the money to make it happen. They can hire external videographers or send their own teams.
Here's one I'd like to see
What would it take to develop a camera that allows you to VR swim among bacteria?
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General comments

Oguntola Tobi
Oguntola Tobi2 years ago
Alternatively, animators can take existing footage of these places and develop virtual reality versions of them instead. Biologists view bacteria all the time and can capture videos of these experiences with their microscopes. I'm sure the same is true of many other places, including nuclear reactor pools.
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jnikola2 years ago
I like the idea, especially your idea of swimming among bacteria. I would do it this way. You install two microscopes that focus on a transparent bottle containing bacteria. Inside a bottle, there is a small mirror at a 45º angle. Next to the bottle, there is a light source. When you look through each microscope, you see the bacteria because the light is going from the light source, through the bacteria suspension all the way to the mirror and reflects to your eye. If we position microscopes to have a focal point where their pictures overlap, each from a different angle, we could create a 3d effect. Now we just watch and swim with bacteria :)

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